Monday, 11 August 2014

Photo time!

Week 1, Transfer 11

If a snail and a sloth had a baby, that's what our week would be like. 
This last week was a snail..but slower. More like a dead snail. Yeah. A dead snail. 

But hey, that's missionary work sometimes init! Lovin it! No progression, slow progression, hard times, rejection, bad all makes you more resilient dunnit! Makes ya stronger! Well, if this keeps up, I'll be the strongest person on the planet! Haha

I'll flood you with pictures now to make up for the LACK OF in the last few weeks :)

Martin's with other missionaries...and probably some other photos that I know you've probably all been DYING to see............

Sister Kuhn

 Martin's Baptism
With Trish and Martin
             With the Zone Leaders  (r.i.p Elder Mulgrew - he's going home at the end of this transfer)

Little Lu wanted to show us all her toys during a spiritual thought of watching a conference talk at the E's house haha and then she was shy about getting a photo! hahaha love her! 

Little missionaries! Lottie and Harriett C aka Sister Kuhn and Sister Zurcher..we're actually going to their house for p-day today! Such a cute family!!  

We went to the beach last p-day! To Whitby!!!!! So so sososo good to be at the seaside!

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