Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Another transfer almost over...

Week 6

Well, where to begin! First of all, I'm writing this on an iPad so forgive me for spelling mistakes and if this update is short. It's transfer week so we have preparation day Tuesday (today). The library in Skipton was shut so we got permission to go to a members house..and who else's house would we be at but THE SIMCOCK'S! Love that family. 
Carole's 78th birthday. We brought her carrot cake and had a mini party for her. We love Carole!

 Well it was a good week! Met Patsy, the sister of a former investigator of a year or 2 ago. We helped her move house on Friday and taught her a lesson. It was the most powerful lesson I've taught on my mission so far. We were teaching 100% by the was amazing! Sister Edgington and I walked out looking at each other like 'What did we just say??' I love that feeling. But that lesson was especially powerful for some reason. We then taught Patsy again the day after on Saturday and on Sunday. She says she felt like a weight off her shoulders just talking to us, and that she can talk to us and connect better than she could do with the elders. It was all just too cute to handle basically. She has a smoking problem but we know she can overcome it. She has a great desire and is scheduled for baptism! Our Polish investigator Magdalena didn't come to church because she had problems with her ex-husband but we went and saw her after and had a lesson with her. Last week she also fed us for dinner  which was lovely. Things are going slow with her, but that's ok. There are many aspects to consider when it comes to Magdalena. We need to be patient, keep teaching and being supportive and leave it to the Lord. Her 2 boys came to a baptism with us on Friday night  which was great. They're young but at least they could have that experience. A member in the branch called Jim took them :) The whole week is sort of a blur to be honest. Many miracles. We taught a great lesson in Relief Society on Sunday on missionary work and made fantastic handouts as well. It was a success! 

My lion friend Keavy and me :)
Oh haha funny story…missionary work is the Sister Edgington and I went by some former investigators on Tuesday last week in a little village about 10mins from Skipton called Embsay. We visited an old lady called Joan. She was OLD. like, took 15 minutes to talk 7metres to the door old. Anyway, once she finally made it to the door and opened it, we went inside and sat down. In the middle of the introduction of who we were the phone rang. She answered it, it was a telemarketer. Biggest LOL of the century. First thing she says is "Could you please not be so stupid as to call me Jo-ann and call me Joan" and then she listens to whatever the poor soul on the other end of the phone is saying and says "Yes come on hurry up then I've got company". The whole time she winks and smiles at us thinking she's the mother of all comedies...and then you could tell she was bored of listening so she says "Oh I'm having trouble hearing you!" and proceeds to hang up the phone on the telemarketer. She then chats to us for a bit...and then, out of nowhere, she says "Look I've just got home and I'm tired and would like to rest! How can I do that when you're here? I need to rest so please get out!" She goes from being funny and nice and having her own comedy show in her house to being crazy psycho and tells us to get out. We just look at each other, I'm trying not to bust out laughing. We tell her it's been lovely meeting her and if she needs anything to give us a call and then we left. As soon as we get out of her house we crack up laughing at whatever just happened in there. We were there for max 10 minutes, which is hardly worth the 15 minute wait we endured at the door, but it was worth the laugh. Love Joan. She was a babe.

The transfer is almost over. I'll be going on 5 months come November. It's crazy how the time flies. 6 weeks has gone so quickly! Our Zone Leaders and District Leader are all staying!!!! Yay! Elder Esteves is due to leave, he's been zone leader here for ages, and our District Leader Elder Berrio is staying too! So good! I have the best leaders! Best best best! A few sisters I came out with are going to be white wash and training. Crazy! I love being a missionary! Man I wish I could write sooooo much more! I need to go though! Every week on my mission gets better and better. Seeing all these people progress and to see their happiness switch from temporary things to eternal joy with their families. 

Love you all ! 

Sister Kuhn xx

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