Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Conference Time Live!

We had TWENTY ONE baptized not last week but the week before! YAYYY!!!  So good! Our goal is 10 a week..and there were 21! Yeahh buddyyy!!! The Church is true in England Leeds Mission! 

Hello everyone. :) Sister Kuhn here! Sister Edgington is right next to me. We're both having secret typing wars as we type as fast as we can to get in as many emails as we can.
We watched conference this weekend. We watched the Saturday Morn session LIVE at 5pm our time on Saturday, and then the Saturday afternoon session on Sunday at 1pm and then the Sunday morning session LIVE at 5pm our time Sunday evening. It was SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a privilege to watch it. So many good talks! I took so many notes! Magdalena and her two boys, Lucas and Simon, came. Even though she couldn't understand anything that was being said, she wanted to be there and she loved it. We'll watch a few sessions with her in Polish this week when they come up on the website. We're going to try new ways to communicate with her. I'm going to buy an English to Polish dictionary as well so we can at least have SOME communication she can understand. Other than Magdalena coming to conference, our highlight was probably meeting Simone. 
Tuesday. 1 October. Sister Edgington and I drove to a village called Settle, it's about a 30 minute drive. We had tea at a member’s house called the Bentleys that evening so we thought we'd go do some finding in the area for a few hours beforehand. We went to Victoria Street. We said a prayer at the start of it (it went up a slight hill) and we prayed we would find someone. Well, nobody was home. Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10..then we got to number 11. A girl opened the door. Her name's Simone. She has THE CUTEST (not including my nephews..) little boy called Tyler. He's 2 and a half and he was adorable!!!! Simone is 20 yrs old, married, and has Tyler. She doesn't have a religious background but we taught her for over an hour! We scheduled her for baptism and she was so grateful we knocked on her door. She said at the end 'I feel like Heavenly Father has sent you here to tell me this'. WOW. We taught her a very thorough Restoration and basically all the third lesson (Gospel of Jesus Christ). She's wonderful! She prayed at the end as well which was FANTASTIC! Seeing someone feel the spirit and exercise faith by praying to Heavenly Father is such a testimony builder that I'm in the right place, I'm meant to be here, the Church is true and God loves us all SO much. She couldn't come to church because she was going away but she wanted to come. She'll be there this weekend. The member family who live in Settle can drive her as well which is great :) Instant fellowshippers! That's the highlight :) that and conference!
The rest of the week was good, a lot of finding, knocking on doors, doors opening, doors closing, miles and miles of walking up and down hills, we talk to hundreds of people a week. It was a standard week.

AND WE GOT OUR ZONE LEADERS BACK !!!!!!!!! The prank they pulled on us…well, here is the story of PAYBACK. Moral of the story: Don't mess with Sister Edgington and Sister Kuhn...or just sisters in general :)
So, Sister Edgington rolled (her ankle) like 3 weeks ago and it's been acting up ever since. She's a tough cookie but ankles are important! 
We were in nightly planning with the Zone Leaders on Monday and Elder Esteves ..got all serious out of nowhere and ... he CRANKED her. (cranked means 'told off' - mission lingo.) He stressed that she needed to call Sister Pilkington (mission president's wife) and then go and see a Doctor. She was annoyed that she let it slip because she knows her ankle and the drama that it's caused her...But, because they are our Zone Leaders and we love and respect them, the next day, she called Sis Pilkington, who told Sis Edg. to see a doctor, who said to just get an ankle brace and see how you go. (The ankle brace she has doesn't fit her shoes so she hasn't been wearing it.) So we went and bought one that did fit her shoes. … I had a marvelous and great idea.... So at nightly follow-ups, after brainstorming, practicing and refining this glorious Hollywood quality acting for this prank…we called (the Zone Leaders) ..I put on a good show and asked to be put on loud speaker ... and then I handed the phone to Sis Edg who did an AMAZING job at telling them all that she did what they asked, went to the doctor, … and she'll need surgery on it again, that she talked to Sister and Pres Pilkington and they said she'll need to go home to have the surgery because recovery time is 4 months, but she can come back out after that.  After about 15 minutes of dragging it out, making them feel soooo bad, Sis Edgington gave me the phone ..and I was like 'Yeah...so we just wanted to call you and tell you that...IT WAS A PRANK!' Then you hear this huge roar ..of 'WHAT!!! EIRJAWFIJAW:' ...We recorded it on the tape recorder Miss Madison Heal gave me before I left on my mission :) It was the BEST prank ever! 
 The next day was District meeting…It took Elder Esteves awhile to.. swallow some of his own medicine and now he's back to normal :) It was so worth it. He's pranked ME twice. And each time was HORRIBLE! ...I now feel happy and satisfied with life and can die a happy missionary.

I can't believe it's the 7th of October! Where has the time gone?
Again, THANK YOU for everyone's emails. The address for letters and all the huge massive packages you're all going to send me is:

Sister Lucy Kuhn
England Leeds Mission
Lister House, Lister Hill
Horsforth, Leeds

Lots of love  
‪Sister Kuhn‬ xxxx

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