Monday, 30 September 2013

Obedience brings Blessings

Monday 30 September
Helloooooo everyone! It's been a good week. Busy but good. Not as good number-wise as last week but miracles nonetheless! We did more painting for the Waite family (who are amazing and we love them lots). They have 2 kids, Lilly and Billy. Absolutely adorable! 
Rachel is the Simcock's (fave family) eldest daughter (I'm pretty sure) and Ian is her hubby. They're a young family and Sister Edgington and I love going for tea and we loved helping them paint in preparation for a new carpet which we get to see on Wednesday when we go to their house for dinner!

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about Skipton branch. I think I've mentioned it before, but if ANYONE comes to North West Yorkshire…heck, if anyone comes to ENGLAND, GO TO SKIPTON Branch for church on a Sunday. Their singing is to die for! You will be blown away. The organist, Brother Rushworth, is amazingly talented and always puts on a good show with the organ nice and loud. It really makes a difference. We can sing the roof off the building! And Brother David Simcock has one of the most powerful loudest voices I've ever heard! Sister Slater (the Branch President's wife) and Brother Simcock are both trained vocalists. They are so talented. Every Sunday is like a special treat hearing everyone sing...and there're only about 30 of us at a time! We still sing louder than wards with over 200 people! The branch here in Skipton is so supportive and they feed us no joke like 6 times a week. It's rare to get anything less than 4 dinner appointments a week. Hence why Sister Edgington and I will need 2 plane seats each on the way home from our missions because we will be obese :) Haha. Joking. Most of the members know we're trying to eat healthy now, so they're helping us out.

We went on a drive to Grassington, which is about 15 minutes drive and still only half way up our area we cover. Grassington is gorgeous. We drove down Church Street and at the end..lo and behold, there was a church! An old old old one with a cemetery and everything (Mum, you would have loved it!). We took lots of photos that day. It was stunning. We didn't have too much success seeing as it was day time and most of the people were probably in Skipton or Settle or Leeds or somewhere for work. But we'll go back on a Saturday and see how we go :) 
Then we had our last supper (last lesson) with John before he moves to Portugal on Monday (today). We had a great lesson and got him pumped for being baptized in Albufeira where he'll be living. We sent a referral to the mission office so they can give it to the mission in Portugal. Yay! We took some photos with him and said our last goodbyes with a big high FIVE! We're excited for him :) 

We met a magician last week. He was ex-police force. Can't remember if I've already told you about him. His name is John Eduardo. He goes by Eduardo as his magician name. He's like 90-something years old. He doesn't mind us visiting. Except that he just shows us card tricks for like an hour haha. We've seen him twice and we'll probably go once more and then leave him to it. He has a Book of Mormon and Plan of Salvation pamphlet to reflect on when he's not sorting his cards out haha Bless him. 

We had a great lesson with our athiest mate Stuart as well last week. He's funny. We watched the Restoration DVD. He didn't dispute hardly anything, he went from disputing EVERYTHING and not listening the first time we met him, to asking questions and listening to the answers. He's reading the Book of Mormon, he just doesn't pray. But hey, if he can work out logically in his mind without praying that The Book of Mormon is true and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on the earth today lead by a prophet of God then that will be truly amazing! We're working on his prayers :) He doesn't pray but we do when we're there...we're pretty sure he feels the Spirit. Or being as athiest as he professes to be, he wouldn't continue meeting with us or reading the Book of Mormon. He's so great though, we love him :)

We met Rob on Saturday. New investigator. Our District Leader promised us the night before that if we use our favourite scripture with someone the next day, we will get a new investigator. So we were out finding for like most of the day…and nothing. We couldn't even share our scripture because nobody wanted to listen, and then it got to 8:40pm. We were knocking a street..and we were running out of time. So I said to Sister Edgington "That's it, we're sharing our fave scriptures on THE NEXT DOOR". Aaand we did, aaand it was Rob...aaand he is now a new investigator because we have a return appointment and we're going to baptise him :)

Then we had a GREAT lesson with Magdalena in the park on Sunday afternoon. It was a perfect day. Blue skies and sunshine. Great for this time of year! That was only yesterday…now it's back to white/grey skies :) not too cold though actually! We're seeing Magda again on Wednesday. We're so excited. We love her! :)

We met this guy called Amar about 3 or 4 weeks ago one night. Talked for a bit. Got his address and everything. We FINALLY went to see him last night. We got lost finding his street, so we asked for directions and eventually found it. When we got there, he wasn't even in. So we turned to leave but Sister Edgington wanted to take her coat off so we waited for a bit. Then what do ya know! The next door neighbour's door opened...and Amar walks outside. We were like 'Heyyyyy!!' he remembered us which was handy :) He was going outside for a smoke and he was just visiting his mate next door called James. He came and talked to us outside for a bit as well. Amar is fascinated with stars and the world, he works as an electrician I think at an electrician/gas company. He's got great potential. We're seeing him again tonight. James wasn't very interested but he shot some great questions at us that we answered and we made them laugh (because Sister Edgington and I are basically like a comedy show 24/7) and we had a good old chat about coincidences and about God and about prayer and all sorts. Amar said he's open minded and he was listening intently with everything we said. THEN, as we were leaving walking up a hill to another potential investigators house, this guy with 2 dogs stops us and asks if he's met us before. He then goes on to explain he's met Sister missionaries before and he was interested in knowing more but they never came around to his house. He seemed like he's had a few hard trials here and there. He said 'You two are just so bubbly and happy!' and I said 'Well, we have a lot to  be happy about!' Anyway, we're seeing him this week some time as well. We got his address, phone number, and he asked for ours so he can call us because he lost the one the other sisters gave him so long ago. It was something you hear about as a missionary but never really happens to you. Someone walking up to US and asking US to know more is like djwapdjwafijfewjij;!! So that was good :)

We found a few more potentials this week as well which is good.  Lots of finding and knocking on doors. It's always a humbling experience, knocking doors. 98% of the time they get slammed or shut in our face. Little do they know it makes us STRONGER. Oh, Sister Edgington took THE FUNNIEST photo last week of a sign someone had on the front of their house. SO GOOD. Have a look at it. It's SO funny. Usually, they have a lot of 'No cold callers' signs here because there must be a lot of door-to-door sales..but the sign we saw on Saturday was unreal hahah

So we've had some miracles come from the Area Book this week. The area book is basically a big binder folder with all the people previous missionaries have taught or talked to. It has hundreds of names, addresses and phone numbers of people previously taught or potential investigators. So we've started to sort through it all. We have a list of sooo many names and numbers and addresses to stop by, but we'll give them all another chance to hear our message :) We already have 2 appointments with people we've never met before who we called and spoke to. A lady called Angela on Wednesday, and then a lady called Pat on Thursday. We're helping Pat move house :) She told Sister Edgington she was moving this week, so we were like BOOYYAAAAAA SERVICE OPPORTUNITY! We love service projects haha LOVE THEM. And we have a handful who we're seeing in a week’s time. We still have 34894819032 bagillion names left, but we'll get through them all. Miracles can happen from the area book that's for sure.

One thing I've learnt this week is that there is NO SUCH THING as coincidence. Everything, EVERYTHING, happens for a reason…whether it be good or bad. I've seen it time after time on my mission, but even more in the last week. I'm so blessed and grateful to be a part of a church which recognizes those 'coincidences' as miracles, every time. I love miracles :)
As missionaries, we get to do 1 hour of personal study each day. I'm about half way through Jesus The Christ. I'm learning so much from that book. I'll read it again and again after I've finished it, there's a lot to learn and remember! I'm up to Helaman Chapter 15 in the Book of Mormon and D&C 107 :) I have a few new favourite scriptures. One of them is in Doctrine and Covenants 103:36 ‘All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness and prayer of faith’
I love that scripture. The word 'victory' is so strong and powerful. I think victory over something is a true and final accomplishment or overcoming a trial or feat. All we need to do to gain all victory and glory (meaning to live in the presence of God again) will be granted if we are diligent, are faithful, and through our prayers, which are a huge exercise of our faith. Also, D&C 104:82 is another fave of mine recently. I have a thing with 'victory' at the moment it seems. 'Inasmuch as ye are humble and faithful and call upon my name, behold, I will give you the victory'. Powerful. God doesn't ask much. And everything He does ask is only there to help us be happier not only in this life but in the life to come. He gives us a way for us to be happy in the eternities with our family. It's so logical to me. If we do what He says, He is not only bound by laws to bless us when we obey Him, but as a result of what He asks of us, we will gain a greater TRUE happiness. It's so simple! :)
I would invite everyone to just try it out. Try doing what God asks. Do it wholeheartedly and with faith, expecting miracles, and I know if you do that, you will be happier, you will see miracles, and you will be able to understand the greater purpose of our life on earth. The gospel makes me so happy, and seeing people who have never heard about it before and how they feel happier than they ever could be after hearing about it and gaining a witness of it's truth is a testimony to me that it is true and God is real. It's amazing!

And again, I have no time to write anyone else. I'm so sorry! But I've read all your emails. Thank you EVERYONE who emails me. I really appreciate it. I'm not ignoring you I promise! I'll email back when I have time :) I'll try make my blogs shorter too. It's just all so exciting as a missionary!

Big love to you all,
Sister Kuhn xx

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