Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I love being a missionary, I'm excited to train!

I can't hold it in until the end of this email...transfers are this week. P-days are moved to Tuesday in transfer week  and transfers are on Wednesday. Transfer calls were last night...and...

I'M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll meet my STAR (instead of calling them 'greenies' we call them 'stars' now...President Pilkington's initiative. Because we're all trying to become SUPER STARS)
Anyway…I meet my star tomorrow! There are only 4 sisters coming...and TWENTY-EIGHT ELDERS! Ridiculous. SISTERS, WE NEED YOU OUT HERE!!!!! But yesssss, I'm trainy trainy training! It's very exciting :) I have my first daughter tomorrow! Time to grow my family! Everyone you train becomes your daughter :) and when they train they're your grand-daughters etc etc. Cute :) My companion Sister Hedstrom is moving to Sheffield to TRAIN, WHITEWASH AND be a sister trainer leader (coordinating sister for the south of the mission). Whitewashing is where you and another missionary move into an area neither of you have served before and start basically from scratch. She gets a triple whamy! She's excited. She's been in Skipton, her first area, for almost 6 months! So she kind of thought something has to change this transfer. So yes, I'm training in Skipton. We have a car. I didn't know this but I could have been driving this whole time!!!! I just let Sister Hedstrom drive coz I didn't think I could. Turns out I can. Yeahhh buddyyy!!! Quite a bit has changed in the zone in terms of who's leaving, who's training etc.  but it's all good, it's exciting and it's a new chance to learn more things!

We had 1 investigator, Simon, at church on Sunday. World Record lol and taught Carol a few more lessons..she's progessing slowly but surely. We're finding lots of potential investigators as well. Skipton WILL progress. What we're trying to do is get the Church's name in the mainstream in Skipton and in the surrounding areas. Once we do that, less and less people will be afraid of us lol they know nothing about the church, yet they still shut doors in your face. That's a bit hard to deal with repeatedly without wanting to kick them all in the kneecap for not even LISTENING to what we have to say..but I'm trying to be more like Christ..and I'm succeeding :) so I don't kick anyone in the kneecaps :) progress!

I've had such a crazy week other than transfers…I don't even know where to start! It was just crazy...and missionary work isn't always how you imagine...at the end of the day, all the missionaries are still human beings with feelings and pasts and experiences. I've had front row seats this week of seeing the effect it's had on missionaries who haven't quite let go of their pasts or been truly honest about who they are…it's been rough, and it's not my place to blurt it all out to everyone, but things can change super fast, and you just have to make sure you're always trusting in the Lord and always putting your faith in Him, and then no matter what happens, you know everything will be ok because you're doing all YOU can to do the right thing or do the best you can.

I love being a missionary, I'm excited to train! The work in the area is going to explode, I know it. The gospel WILL reach every ear of the people in England!

Love you all, until next week!

Sister Kuhn xxxx

p.s yet again, I'm sorry if I don't reply to emails. I read them, I love reading them, and I'll be able to reply to them when I get home after 18 months if I simply don't have time while I'm out on my mission haha but THANK YOU for ALL THOSE who do email me. You're all amazing! 

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