Monday, 9 September 2013

Stake Conference with Elder Dallin Oaks

Helloooooo everyone! Well, it's a beautiful cold sunny blue-skied day here in Skipton, England! My STAR, Sister Edgington, is AMAZING! She's just turned 19 on the 18 July, barely out of high school, from Kaysville, Utah. I hardly feel like I'm training! She is a blessing! We're going to have lots of fun together :) If everyone I train is like Sister Edgington, training will be a breeze! Haha. She's so good! Looking forward to spend the next 12 weeks training her :) unless she gets asked to train after 6 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised,  she's well good! We met a guy called John while we were door knocking on Friday, invited him to the branch activity the day after on the Saturday, and he came! It was so good :) he texted us afterwards and said he had a fantastic time. Success!

NEWS OF THE WEEK! Stake conference yesterday...ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to all of us! !!!! He is so hilarious and down to earth. I loved every second of the conference. We went with the Simcock family in their car to Huddersfield for the conference. When I first got to Skipton, SIster Hedstrom told me we were singing in the choir for Stake Conference…then she left…and I had the pleasure of telling Sister Edgington we're singing in the choir for Stake Conference when neither of us planned on it lol but it was good because we got the best seats! We sang an arrangement of 'Nearer My God To Thee' from the British Pageant that was on a few weeks ago. There were quite a few speakers...a lot talked about Moroni 10:32 and how we need to come unto Christ, and deny ourselves of all ungodliness. I love that scripture. It tells us to DENY ungodliness...don't accept anything short of godliness. That's our aim. To be like God, to live with him again with our families in exaltation. I loved everything Elder Oaks said as well. He talked a lot about priesthood, testimony, missionary work, Jesus Christ, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel in general and how it's for ALL MANKIND. Everyone. Something remarkable that I thought was amazing…Elder Oaks asked all full-time missionaries to stand (so we all did) and then he said "I have a one sentence sermon on missionary all of you who have missionary responsibilities please stand" and everybody in the room stood up. It was great! They all know they all have a missionary responsibility. We got to listen to Sister Oaks as well. She's so sweet and genuine and gorgeous! I was 150% focused on the speakers the whole 2hours. I love every second! Our investigator Carol came as well. We got her a ride with some of the members in Skipton. She said she really enjoyed it. We look forward to her baptism on the 21st of September :) She's a star!

2 apostles in a month...I'm doing pretty alright I reckon! Loving training, loving the work, it's not always easy…and on the way home I fell asleep in the back. I'm never sitting in 1 place for long enough...but I was out like a light on the way home. You don't realise how exhausted you are until you sit in 1 spot for a while! I was gone! Haha but it was a nice nap on the way home :) Missionary work is tiring, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Something that Elder Oaks said in response to one of the previous speakers, Sister Wilkinson, who talked about her 2 children on missions and how she sometimes worries about them but knows that the Lord is looking after them...Elder Oaks said when he had a calling that had something to do with missionaries I can't remember what it was exactly, but …he conducted a study to see how safe the missionaries in the world actually are…so he complied lots of stats and data and it turns out that people our age, in this world, with our life expectancies etc. are 8 times SAFER on missions than they are at home.  There's some peace of mind for all the parents with kids in 3rd world countries! They're 8 times safer out there than they are at home. I thought that was funny :)

I just loved the conference. Elder Oaks is truly an apostle of God. He spoke with power and authority, yet he reminded us that he was just a normal guy with a calling to be a servant of the Lord. He was so human...weird to say I know. But as he told the story of where he was reading the Old Testament (FOR THE 51st TIME!) he came across something he never noticed before. It was about the Godhead and their function and how they're distinct separate beings. He said "I've never noticed this before, it was like someone just put it there!" It was in 2 Corinthians but I forgot which chapter and verse…I just loved that he told us all that, because he really is just a normal man and that he is still learning things. He was great :)

Well, I have to go, but it's going to be a good week this week! We're going to FIND, TEACH, AND BAPTIZE! That's how we do!

Until next week!
LOVE YOU ALL. The Church is true!

Sister Kuhn x

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