Thursday, 29 August 2013

When your heart is in the right place, everything else will follow.

Last time I wrote it was about being emergency transferred. It's been 3 weeks since I got here. An intense 3 weeks! We've done SO much finding (knocking on doors/street contacting). The branch is so good. The members are wonderful. It's small, like 40 people or something, and the chapel is the old courthouse in the town. We went to the Skipton Castle for P-day (again) but with Sister Hedstrom, and the sisters from Keighly area for the first time for them (Keighly is a town like 20 mins drive from here). We had a really good day. It was Bank Holiday Monday, the sun was out, blue sky, really gorgeous day. 
 Yesterday was SO GOOD!!! We had a Northern Zone Conference. I love President Pilkington! He's so so so amazing. So inspired. He's all about if we have our hearts in the right place, everything else will follow. He's very centered on feelings and hearts. He brought a whole new light to D&C 4. We have to have our hearts right first, and then we use our minds, and our strength (thrust in our sickle with our might). We need to LOVE the members, LOVE the investigators, LOVE your companion, LOVE your area, LOVE your leaders...and all that is fuelled by our love for the Savior. It's hard to love everyone, but if we love even the hardest of people enough, they will feel that, and their heart will soften and they will be able to feel the spirit and feel God's love for them. It's that simple. Get your heart in the right place, and then everything else will follow. We learnt a lot about unity yesterday too. Leeds Zones and York Zone (I don't know if York has more than 1 zone) went to Billingham chapel for the conference on a big coach – a 2 hour drive. I talked to Elder Hynds for a while and came to find another Polynesian Elder from QLD is in the mission too! He came in last transfer. Can't remember his name. But we bonded over Australia, it was great :) He's a convert of 2 years or something I think. Legend! We had a great day yesterday, took like 293131289 of notes. I have to go like super soon, and there is SO much I want to write. The coordinating sisters are on exchange with us today and last night after the conference. So they slept over last night and I'm going with Sister Stromberg today and Sister Hedstrom is going with Sister Kinikini. Missionary work is the bomb! It's super hard sometimes…but you try to have as much fun as you can...or else you go crazy (no lie).

To everyone who I haven't replied to either emails or letters, I'm SO sorry. I'm just so busy and missionary work is hectic, but I do read every one of the emails and I'm SO grateful for them all. So THANK YOU! Keep writing, and I'll try to write back when I can.

I've been out 3 months next week. So weird. Don't even know where it's gone...yet I feel like I have ages ahead of me, even though I know it goes so quick. I miss and love you all. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. It's Christ's church, restored on the earth again today by the prophet Joseph Smith, with a modern day prophet to lead and guide us. I LOVE this gospel. I LOVE Jesus Christ. He paid the ultimate price for us to be able to repent and live back in God's presence with our ETERNAL families. I can't wait to be with my family forever. I always remind myself that I am representing Jesus Christ when I'm out…but that doesn't mean I just stand on the street and represent him and let people just stare at me, I'm constantly saying to myself 'What would Jesus Do?' and then I go and do it. Love people. Love everyone as Jesus loves everyone. The world would be a much better place if people had greater love for their Savior and if they followed Him. I love you all, count your blessings! :)

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