Monday, 5 August 2013

I love being a missionary!

What a week! It's seriously flown by! August already?! I've been out 2 months :) 16 more to go! I was studying charity last week...the pure love of Christ. I absolutely LOVED it. Sister McReynolds and I are studying 1 Christ-like attribute a week in depth and then applying it in our lives and our companionship and to the people we meet and teach. This week we're learning about faith in Jesus Christ. I've learned so much about myself and about Christ and about the gospel in the time I've been a missionary. I LOVE IT.

Last week was great. A few highlights:

1. Kaaron (scheduled for baptism on the 31st August) bore his testimony in fast and testimony meeting on Sunday!! He’s the man! He said he knows the church is true and he's excited to be baptized. He's so good! Then after church, the Zone Leaders and the District Leaders came up to us and said they interviewed him for his baptism during church…Kaaron was Elder Field (our new District Leader)'s baptismal interview :) he said Kaaron is SO ready. We went over the baptism questions with him and he knows it all. And because he's had his interview he can be baptized before the 31st ...basically as soon as he gets back from EFY and from visiting his Dad in London. So hopefully like the 25th or something! Sister McReynolds and I are SO EXCITED. We love Kaaron!!

2. Ben. Haha...where to begin. Well, we saw him last week in his shop. We have a system...we'll go into his shop 5 mins before it shuts and he'll usually stay in the shop after he's closed it up and talk with us for way longer than he has time for. That's the best way to teach him. He's so great though. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. LOL lets just say he FREAKED OUT at the pre-existence and when we talked about the spirit world. Haha oh man...he's a very visual guy, and he kept saying he just couldn't picture a spirit world. He's arty, kind of a music artist, super talented, quite philosophical, reserved but upfront and loud a lot too, creative, a deep thinker...and it was difficult to wrap his brain around the spirit world and the pre-existence. He didn't say he didn't believe it, he just wanted to understand it first. He had somewhere to be after work at 6pm...and HOUR AND A HALF LATER…he's still talking to us. We were talking to him for TWO HOURS about the Plan of Salvation. It was worth it though. One day…it'll just click for him. He knows he has to stop smoking too.  he hasn't come to church YET but he promised he would...just didn't promise when. He's so great though. We love teaching him and talking with him. He's got a lot of potential.

What else...hmm…oh we did a member visit with the most sweetest member ever! An old Jamaican man called Harry Lamont. He is THE.MAN. We went to his house and he had lunch for us...he didn't even tell us he was making food for us. And then we had the best time ever…showed us heaps of photos…told us stories…asked us about ourselves and where we're from and our families...then he gives us a referral to top it off. What a legend! I'll try get a photo of him so you can all see him. He's so great haha

This week has been good - we've gone from not speaking to anyone on buses to teaching people on buses! We take the bus basically everywhere (or we walk)…and our finding (getting new investigators) hasn't been going as well as we'd we created an action plan (we make action plans each week according to what key indicator we're struggling with the week before). We made an action plan on finding, focusing on bus finding...which is what a lot of missionaries struggle with. So we're hitting the nail on the head early (well I am anyway seeing as I'm out only 2 months lol) and then I'll be a pro at talking to people on buses soon enough! What it comes down to is that it's kinda scary (well it was) talking to someone on a bus, because you're not just talking to that person, you're talking to the whole bus! It's about charity...loving everyone. Because perfect love casteth out all fear. I know that to be 110% true. Charity and faith in Jesus Christ that he's got your back...all we need to do is take a step into the dark and let the light follow us to show us the way. Now I have no problem really talking to people on buses. The 3rd thing Sister McReynolds and I came up with being the solution to this problem is that we have black badges that have the churches name on it…most people know we're missionaries...they know we talk to EVERYONE, so we may as well put them out of their misery and talk to them anyway! And that the black badge basically gives us a license to do crazy things like sit next to a complete stranger and ask about their life. It's genius! The black badge…so much power. Haha. And the fact we're set apart to be missionaries. It's the best!

I'm here to invite others unto Christ...and that's exactly what all missionaries are here to do! It's just keeping that mindset on our purpose and always having that motivation to talk to everyone and keep your spirits high.

Missionary work is amazing. For everyone who is deciding or not sure about going on a mission…make it a matter of prayer and fasting and ask Heavenly Father. I know I don't regret the decision one bit. It was a huge sacrifice. But sacrifice is only giving up something good for something better. And a mission is the best thing a person can do.

I can't remember what else happened this week...they're just all flying by and meshing into one! But I know England Leeds is where I'm meant to be and I am LOVING it here :)

Much love,  

Sister Kuhn xx

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