Monday, 29 July 2013

Unity Day in Hyde Park

I have LOTS to write and lots I want to say, but we'll see how I go. Last week was really good. We had Zone p-day on Tuesday instead of Monday because of transfer calls on Monday. We played football like all day (that's all they do here for Zone p-day lol).  Highlights:

1. Ben. We pop into his shop almost every day and answer his questions and talk to him about the Book of Mormon (which he's smashing by the way). He has a lot of great questions. We talked with him on Wednesday about prayer and the Holy Ghost. He desperately wants to know what it feels like to feel the spirit, but he's been to heaps of churches since he was young. He was born again at 16 and then went to other churches but never felt anything. He told us the first time he prayed in a long time was a week before we met him and he prayed for guidance...and then Sister McReynolds and I showed up :) He recognized that as an answer to his prayers, but struggles to recognize the feelings of the spirit. He then asked where the chapel was again so we showed him on a map. He's the manager of a phone shop in Headingley and he's super busy all the time. After we left his shop we talked about how he smokes, and Sister McReynolds said how she remembers other people she's taught that, as soon as they stopped smoking, (have) felt the Holy Ghost influencing them. We were like 'THAT'S IT! We need Ben to stop smoking!' Also, on our way to our dinner appointment after meeting with Ben, we see him near the chapel in his car. We were thinking "What is he doing around this area??" He was just telling us how he had loads of stocktaking to do at his work and how busy and stressed he was…and then we figured out he was going for a drive to clear his head and to find where the chapel was for the second time around because he couldn't find it the first time we told him about a week earlier. There was no other reason for him to be in that area. We decided to go to the chapel to see if he was there, but we were a bit far away from it and we were walking so he would've probably been half way to London by the time we got there, but as we did we spoke to a couple in the car park. It turns out they're the teachers of the Addiction Recovery Program. We talked with them for a while and they gave us a book all about the program. This is exactly what Ben needs. In the session, you don't have to say anything, you don't have to say what your addiction focuses a lot on the Atonement and the people can basically just sit there and listen. Afterwards, as we walked down the road, we were just counting how many times our prayers were answered one after the other. It was such a great day. Miracles happen all the time, we just need to recognize them. So that's Ben. We're excited to see and talk with him next about the Word of Wisdom. We love him!

 2. So, funny story. On Friday we took out Laurence Mputu (18 yr old YSA) and we went finding in Hyde Park. When we got there, there were quite a few people setting up tents and stages and stalls and stuff. So we went and spoke with some of the people and they told us it was Unity Day tomorrow (Saturday). It's a day where we all get together no matter what our differences etc etc. They then asked if we wanted a stall this year...we were like UMM YES??! We spoke to the organizer straight away and he was so relaxed and was like 'yeah that's fine! Call Caron, her numbers (blah blah blah)…so are you the people who think they know when the world is going to end?" Literally, that's like all he said to us haha he gave us the number of the lady in charge of the stalls, we called her, told her we were coming, she gave us some info, and boommm. We called the Zone Leaders and the Assistants and they were keen as for it. They all helped us out and brought tables and stuff in the morning for us and we set up a great display of Books of Mormon, pamphlets, DVDs, and then we covered the table with lollies lol It was a different way to find people, we planted A LOT of seeds and lots of people were interested and they took lots of things from the display. It was basically a hippy day with lots of stalls and food and things. It was a successful day…even if we didn't get loads of new investigators, we planted the seeds that will grow into something later on.

3. We had 3 at church yesterday, which was fantastic. Kaaron, his sister Shazannah (we thought her name was SUZANNA but it turns out it Shazannah), and Mehrdad (a guy we met at Unity Day who we invited to church and he said he'd come). . It was good to mix up finding a bit. Shazannah loved church. And Mehrdad is a Persian guy who has 2 walking sticks because he has problem with both his legs, but he's in his late 20's I think and he's really amazing.

 I could write for days about what's been going on, but those are the main parts. Prayers have been answered, miracles have happened, and lives were touched.


This week in study, Sister McReynolds and I have decided to study the same Christ-like attribute in personal study, and then work on it during the week. 1 attribute  each week. We're (studying) Charity this week. And even though we have 89321321 other things to be keeping track of like the Zone focus for the month, the District Focus each week, our Action Plan we make of 1 of the key indicators that we need to improve on....but we feel it's important to develop these Christ-like attributes because if we love everyone, we won't be afraid to talk to people, we won't be worrying about what they'll think, we won't have any fears, because we love Christ, we love all the people around us, and when we have faith, we need not fear. So that's what we're doing this week and applying it so we can be better. I love studying! I love Jesus Christ. If we have love for Jesus Christ, everything else will fall into place.

Sister Kuhn 

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