Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A change of heart.

Last week was good…the numbers weren't amazing but the learning wasn't behind the numbers last week. I learnt so much in other ways.  
The highlight of the week…hmm...first, Ben. I think I told you about him last Monday maybe? Anyway…we taught him the restoration, he's reading the Book of Mormon, and is very open minded and interested. We're going to (invite) him to pray so he can get an answer... He's great. Funny story - we were meant to meet with him last Monday at 6pm…but he wasn't there. We were so sad. So we went into his shop on Wednesday (it would've been Tuesday but we had district meeting and comp study and all sorts so we didn't have time) but we went into his work (a phone shop in a place called Headingely), he wasn't in the shop. There was another guy, Alex, ... Basically, we asked for Ben, he looked confused and said Ben wasn't in today, but when he found out we were missionaries…he pointed to the Book of Mormon that I put on the counter and said "This..this is utterly wrong". He basically (criticized) the Book of Mormon for a solid 20 minutes… We then left the shop and had to say a few prayers to get the spirit back lol then the NEXT day we went in again because we knew he'd be in on Thursday…Alex AND Ben were both in the shop. My heart sunk. I was thinking 'if this guy says ONE thing about the Book of Mormon or the Bible…" We went inside anyway and spoke to Ben. Turns out Ben is the manager…which is good... Ben had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon and he thought it was all so interesting…he'd read a bit as well. We were well impressed. Most of the time, Alex stayed quiet. Long story short, we ended up talking to Alex a lot about things…he asked us questions and then we talked about random things like travel and countries and Australia and food and all sorts. We actually began to be friends almost. Then he was like 'where is your church again?' so we gave him the address. Now, Alex…who at first, just talked and talked and talked and didn't listen to anything we said, …he believed in God but he didn't believe in asking questions, he'd read the Koran and the Torah and spoke 4 or 5 different middle-eastern languages…he didn't really HAVE a religion…but we saw his heart change…all he needed to do was listen. And because we went in and spoke to Ben and Ben was listening, Alex had to listen, we know he felt the spirit… Then he was asking US questions…Ben even backed us up most of the time because what we said made sense and Ben believed it. God can change the hearts of people through the feelings of the Spirit. I've been praying the last few weeks for people's hearts to be changed so they'll be more receptive and will want to listen...and my prayers were answered right in front of my eyes. Alex's heart completely changed. He even said 'I quite enjoy talking to you'. We were shocked. But we knew what he felt was our spirit combined with the Holy Ghost.

And then there was Suzanna. We're teaching her 14 yr old brother Kaaron. She's 10. They're both friends with the M… family who are members just a few doors down from them. We went to teach Kaaron but he wasn't home, so we spoke to Suzanna on the grass outside her house for about an hour and told her about the Book of Mormon and about praying and how she can recognize an answer. She's had some involvement with the church because of her brother going to youth activities and church and things with the M… family but she hasn't been taught by missionaries yet. The highlight of the week would definitely be when Lawrence M… (18yr old member) came out with us on Saturday, the day after we taught Suzanna. She told us that Suzanna came over later that day when she met us and sat in Lawrence's living room and just said 'Lawrence, the Book of Mormon is true!'. Then she proceeded to tell Lawrence about her experience with meeting Sister McReynolds and I and how we said she can pray and ask God and she'll get an answer, and she got a tingle feeling when she prayed and she knew it was true and she wants to come to church. We were all so excited hearing that. Children really do have such a thin veil between them and God. They're so amazing.

‪Sister Kuhn

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