Thursday, 4 July 2013

Monday July 1st 2013

Okay so basically I can't send you photos because it takes too long and I have 38901283921 of them. The picture that did send was of us at the Temple. Sister Seymour is a wife of one of the MTC presidency. But I have loads of other photos to send!

So, I have 14 minutes to smash out this email. I won't be able to write everything.

Within the first 5 days of me being here, we committed 3 people to baptism. We teach lessons whenever we can and I'm learning a lot super quick. I could be training next transfer, but if not, definitely the one after because there's a whole bunch of missionaries coming in every transfer now. Our teaching pool is small at the moment because we're basically starting from scratch. We do A LOT of walking and lots of bus catching. That's all our transport consists of. We talk to everyone, we invite people to be baptized in the first or second lesson. My favourite investigator we have at the moment is called Frank. His wife Susan and son Dominic joined the church just over a year ago now. Frank has tattoos on his arm and has almost no teeth in the top of his mouth. We've seen him 3 times in the last week. The first time we met with him he was loud and swore all the time. We took our gun Tracey (who's a member in the ward here - basically a missionary herself) with us… We got a feel of how Frank is and then the second visit, I took control… he was the only one there so Tracey, Sister McReynolds and I sat with him and talked to him for over an hour. We know he has a kind heart, he loves his wife and he loves his grandson and kids. He even thought about it before he said a swear word. ..He's great. Loads of potential. We're going to work more with him. I wish I could tell you way way way more about him but this is going to log off in 9 minutes. :(

 I met Pres Pilkington and his wife on Sunday. They're in our ward but they probably won't be there much because they'll travel a lot. They're really great. I look forward to getting to know them.

Tell everyone who you know has written to me that I'm super super sorry but I'm so busy and hardly get time to do anything! This hour has gone so quick already!

Thanks love you heaps and heaps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

‪Sister Kuhn

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