Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday 24 June 2013

OK, I don't have's been a hectic day!...Every 2nd Monday every transfer they have Zone P-day, so we hung out today. Went on a bus to Shipley I think it's called…it took about an hour. And we went to an American Diner and then played in a park Capture the Flag and Football aka soccer. It was way good.

The last 5 days have been EPIC. We've committed 2 people to baptism already, got a few new investigators…always talking to people, always teaching. It's full on!!!!! But so so good. …My trainer aka my mother is great. Sister McReynolds. She's been out a year and a month and has had FIFTEEN companions while she's been out. CRAZY. She's been moved around so much because the Lord knows she can take it. She's so calm and patient all the time. I feel like she can do anything! She's definitely a blessing.

We live with another set of sisters in one of the nicest flats in the mission. I'm serving in Leeds… It's like living in a sorority house all 4 of us there. It's reallyyyyy good… The other companionship is Sister Wynder and Sister Peck. Sister Peck and I would have been in the MTC at the same time if I went to England. And Sister Wynder has only been out 1 transfer. She was trained by Sister McReynolds and she's training Sister Peck. It's great living with them.

The coat we bought has come SUPER handy. It rains a bit but I don't mind. Nothing can break my spirits! …We have a lot of goals as a companionship and as a Zone and as a mission and it's all just so good.

I gotta go though…..I have 2 appointments and we still need to go shower and stuff! 

Sister Kuhn

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