Monday, 10 June 2013

First P day in the MTC 11 June 2013

I only have like half an hour so I have to type fast. I miss you all heaps! But it's way fun here. Learning SO much. I've adjusted very quickly to the early mornings  which is a surprise. The schedule for the MTC is pretty crazy but keeping busy keeps me from thinking about home. The flight was ok over here, Elder Hynds and I kind of stuck together the whole time, and then when we were driving from the airport to the MTC the driver (MTC staff) were saying how their was a huge bunch of Tongan sisters that arrived today too. I was hoping I'd have one as my companion. I got to the MTC about 6pm-ish and went straight into a meeting with everyone where I met my district and my companion (who is, infact, TONGAN - Sister Niutupuivaha) she's awesome! We get along so well. We're about the same size too! We laugh a lot and I'm always reading her Tongan Bible. I'm preeeetty good at Tongan! Even though I don't know what it means LOL we have 2 other sisters in our room - Sister Manua and Sister Housman. Both of them are awesome! Sister Housman is Hawaiin but she's white, and Sister Manua is from Melbourne but she's a light skinned Samoan. We're all like besties already. Everyone here is awesome. The food...not the best thing in the world (although everyone said it would be). But it's not bad. We do A LOT of practicing with "investigators". I don't have a long time to write but I'm learning so much. It's mostly out of Preach My Gospepl but we're learning a lot about the fundamentals for teaching which are really helping. There's a group of Tongan sisters here learning English who've been here for 5 weeks. They're so welcoming and friendly and HILARIOUS. I'm the only palangi (white) girl here! Apart from Sister Housman but she's from Hawaii so she's hardly palangi. The 2 sets of Elders in my district are the bomb! I love them so much. They're like my brothers. It feels like I've been here for weeks but it's only been a few days. There's Elder Harrington and Elder Savage (both are hilarious - from Utah). And Elder Bearnson (Utah) and Elder Balenavekau (Fiji). The Fiji Elder's English is improving SO much since being here. He was way quiet at the start but now he's being more open and opinionated and he's the man now too. Love my district!! We have the Zone Leaders in our district too. None of us really want to leave here because we love being with each other so much..but then we're also so keen to go out and start the work! I also am the conductor for most of the opening exercises we have in our district and I was for sacrament meeting on Sunday and a few other meetings we've had already lol seems like my calling is following me everywhere! I also lead some of the girls in exercise every day. They asked me to haha we do circuits of sit ups and push ups and lunges and planks and then we do a good stretching session at the end. It's good :)
 I haven't had ANY time to do ANYTHING other than quickly write in my journal and talk with the other sisters in our room after we have our planning session at 9:30pm. We're always busy!
Ok I have to go. I have like 5 minutes to write back to 374032 people!! SO busy! Just let everyone know I only have 30min to email and it goes REALLY quick. There's so much more I want to type but I have no time. I get another time to email next Tuesday. We go to the temple on Wednesday. The whole day is temple day. Can't wait! All the people in the MTC here are awesome. A lot of Tongans!
OK, got to go! The Church is true!
Love you LOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Kuhn xxxxxxx

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