Monday, 12 August 2013

A Week of Miracles!

My week has been AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Miracles everywhere! We studied faith last week, because we needed more! But the best way to get faith is by acting on it, so we tried…and tried...and tried...for the past few weeks we've been trying but getting pretty much nowhere. Not many wanted to speak with us or know more about the church or Book of Mormon…nothing. But this last week, the drought was over! On Tuesday 6th August we decided to do some finding in Hyde Park, but I needed to go to the bathroom, so we walked to the Institute building which was close to use the bathroom there, on route we met David T  from Liverpool. He was working in Leeds for the week. He was Catholic but was kinda open to whatever. He got a Book of Mormon and sounded really keen. We were able to talk with him about the Book of Mormon and prayer and how Heavenly Father has helped us personally in our lives. We got a return appointment with him for later in the week. Then on Wednesday we  had an ALL MISSION CONFERENCE. Elders Ballard,  Rasband, Toshera, and the newest Elder of the Seventy, Elder Dyches. Elder Ballard... is truly a man of God, an Apostle of the Lord. You could feel the spirit radiate from him, he was amazing. He was so kind and loving, but so bold and straightforward. And Elder Rasband…my old friend! Haha. RUSH MCKAY: IF YOU'RE READING THIS, ELDER RASBAND MUST BE FOLLOWING ME. We met him at the Multi-stake Conference back in Adelaide and were 2 out of 3 people to get a photo with him because he was so busy. He's a powerful man! The conference was so good. All things we've heard before but in a different light. Elder Ballard is hilarious. One of the things that stood out (a lot stood out, and I wrote about 3 pages of notes from his talk) but he said basically if you're scared to talk to random strangers on the street, if you're having problems with your companion, if you're having a hard time doing what you're supposed to...GET OVER IT. Haha. But seriously. That's what he said. And it was like music to my ears! I was desperately seeking some motivation to get over it and do what I'm here for. Talking to everyone can be a bit daunting, or you're tired and can't be bothered, or you think they'll say they're not interested…well, I'm over all of that now thanks to Elder Ballard. If we want to baptize more, we need to talk to more people, if we're scared of talking too much, we need to get over it and do it because that's why we're here. I love it! Sister McReynolds and I made a 'GET OVER IT' wall- I'll send you a picture haha we put all the things we are/were afraid of doing above the sign…and then wrote encouraging power statements underneath it. It's helping a lot. That's the kind of motivation I like…blunt, bold, and straight to the point. As I said, nothing new that he said, but he just shone a different light on it. The conference was the best. Definitely a highlight of the week.

On Thursday 8th August we visited like a bagillion members and less-actives. We got like 3 referrals from them and we spoke to a lot of people. It was a full on day and it was great! On is now called Miracleday for me. It was SO GOOD. To start the day off we got on a bus, we sit separately on buses now (Sister McReynolds and I) so we can talk to more people, and I started talking to this man. He was Malaysian and his name was Money. LOL. I gave him a Book of Mormon and he was interested in meeting with us. This was already a rare occurence for us lol Because we were getting his contact details, we went about 5 stops after our stop, so we had to walk a little bit. As we were walking up the road, 2 guys across the road smiled and were looking at us, one older man and a young guy. We waved and smiled back. They then stopped and said 'Wait a minute!'…they then STOPPED, WAITED for cars to pass, and CROSSED the road to talk to us. Sister McReynolds and I were like ?!?!? Nobody has ever crossed the road to talk to us, they usually cross the road to avoid us! They were from Spain, been here for 2 weeks. Paco and George. Father and son. Paco lived with a Mormon family back in Spain and wanted to know more about the church. It was such a blessing. We're seeing them tonight with a lady who speaks Spanish from the ward. So exciting. We were just overwhelmed with love for our Heavenly Father for all the blessings we received in the last 20 minutes. We went and found a grassy patch to kneel down and thank Him for what just happened. Afterwards we sat on a wall for a second and then this guy walks up, I say 'Heyy what's up what are you doin?' and he said he was off to the pub, he was very smiley and happy to talk to us. He then said 'Wanna walk with me??' so we walked with him to the was a few minutes walk so we talked about The Book of Mormon and church and religion...we met his mate Nathaniel, I talked to his mate and Sis McReynolds talked to Rowland. We got his contact details too. We did some more finding, talked to some more people, and then went to see Ben right when he finishes work. We had an AMAZING lesson with him. He still struggles to understand how God has a body of flesh and bone and he struggles with knowing what it feels like to feel the spirit and things. So we talked about faith and prayer…and then we brought up prophets and apostles...and we told him there was one on the earth now (we seem to have to repeat ourselves a lot with Ben lol)..anyway, we ended up watching a talk from President Monson called 'The Race of Life'. Ben got his phone out and got on Youtube so quick when we said we have a prophet who gets revelation from God for all of us. It was the most perfect talk we could have chosen to listen to. We watched it all..standing up. It was about 20 minutes I think. I felt like it was written for Ben to hear. If you get a chance, watch it if you haven't already. It was an answer to our prayers. I kept thinking of a commitment to leave with Ben afterwards…so after the talk finished, I just said, after a pause, 'Ben...will you pray and ask if this man (pointing to President Monson) is a prophet of God?' He said he would. He was silent after we watched the talk. It talked about the Plan of Salvation and about life…and he didn't have any crazy questions for us, he just watched it, and then agreed to pray (after we specified how to pray) and then we left. It was a miracle. We didn't plan to talk about prophets or anything…but it worked. When you act on the promptings of the spirit, miracles happen.

Then on Sunday (yesterday - 11 August) the Relief Society president brought her neighbour to church, Linda. She was great! She's terminally ill with cancer…we spoke with her and she loved being at church and said she'll be coming again. She came to get a blessing for the second time...but she stayed for church which was great. We're seeing her this week and she agreed to us teaching her :) so we got a new investigator…on top of our 3 or 4 potential investigators. It's been an amazing week. Truly a week of miracles.

Sister Kuhn

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