Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Getting organized in Hull

Week 6, Transfer 5

This was at Transfer day last Wednesday. Sister Edgington and Sister Zurcher and I all wore our Primark skirts and even our white cardigans without coordinating! UNITY ! 

I'm in Hull now everyone! They pronounce is like 'ull apparently, without the H. That's what the locals tell us anyway. I'm with Sister Pacis, my favourite Filipino sister! She would've come out with me (if I went to Preston MTC) so we've been out the same time. We are in a flat with Sister Arrive from France and Sister Huang from Taiwan. We're very multi-cultural here in 'ull ! Speaking of multi-cultural, there are loads of middle-eastern people here. LOADS. Bradford has heaps as well..but that's about 15 mins out of Leeds. All the Muslims we've met are so nice. 

So our flat..well..let me tell you..whoever said missionary work is hard..
They are exactly right. Especially when you move into what used to be a 4-man elder's flat. Oh boy....they must all be visually impared and they just never saw the mess (just kidding - they're great). Not only was it messy and pretty blehffjewefwja..it was also really really cold. Well, it still is really really cold. It's like someone has always got the window open or something. We have to shut every single door we go in and out of (it has a lot of doors) to keep the warmth in from the wall heaters that hardly work. It's so fun! The life of a missionary....love it. We live above a hairdressers that's being refurbished, and the street we live on had loads of restaurants and bars. It's also in like a uni area because the other sisters are Chinese (speaking) uni sisters and they live with us too. Lucky we're all really heavy sleepers or we'd be awake all night with the shenanagans on the street outside on Friday and Saturday night. It's an adventure that's for sure haha

So as you open the door, you walk about 3ft and have to step up, and then you walk a bit more and step up and to the right there is a flight of stairs. You walk up the stairs, turn left, and you step up again, then you can either go left or right up either way up about 4 or 5 stairs. if you go right you will go up to the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen and if you go up the left stairs you go to the lounge room, 1 of the study rooms, and another flight of stairs to the bedroom and the other study room. It's so confusing. I'll get you all pictures next week. There are SO many stairs. We are in a room with 2 bunk beds and we're all in there together. As I said, lucky we're all heavy sleepers! Sister Arrive and I have been chomping at the bit to re-arrange our lounge room. It was SO bad! Couches everywhere and the table was never used. There were still boxes with pamphlets, Books of Mormon, so many resources! (President Pilkington has a thing now that we need to use our RESOURCES) ;)  Anyway we got in there today and it looks so lovely now. Like a real home! :) We're also getting the heating checked and we finally got a cooker (oven/stove top) delivered today. We hadn't had one since we moved in. Well, we did, but it was the wrong one when it was delivered so we've had to wait until Monday to get one that actually works. Happy days all around! Feeling organized!

Still freezing inside, but hey, it's only winter! .............
Hull 1st ward is great! The members are so supportive and friendly. We talked to a lot of them. It's quite a big ward as well! Takes like an hour on the bus to get there from our flat. We have to bus into city centre and then out again on a different bus. When Sister Pacis and I first got here, because we're whitewashing, we went straight to the area book and started calling the potential investigators the elders had previously. We got a hold of Brett, who we invited to church over the phone and he came yesterday! He said he'll be there next week. He's married but not sure about anything else. We didn't get to talk to him very much but we hope we can see him this week some time! Then Proscovia is an African lady from Uganda. She was SO happy to talk to us. She is so humble and sweet and loves us a lot. She calls us 'her sisters in Christ' :) She invited us to a thing at her church on Saturday night, so we went and it was really nice. Had 1 or 2 people think we were there to convert everyone but we didn't start any religious conversations with any of them. They were always the ones to start them haha it was good though. She's coming to a Family Home Evening at the senior couple's home Elder and Sister Gibb tonight. She's so great. She has 6 kids and is married :) She came to the church a few times like a year ago as well. Potential everywhere here in Hull! Good things happening :)
Alrightly then I'm off! I've been out 7 and a half months now. Time really does fly! 8 months soon and then 9 and I'll be half way done. No idea where the time goes to be honest. I just want to give it all I've got every day. Even though being a missionary is so hard at times..a lot of the time..it's so great. Such an amazing feeling it is to help someone draw closer to their Heavenly Father and get to know personally their Savior and their brother Jesus Christ. It's a miracle every time. Anyway, time is so precious! Use it wisely!

Love you all!
‪Sister Kuhn

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