Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Transfer to Hull as a Sister Trainer Leader

Week 6, Transfer 5
First of all, it's currently Week 6 (TRANSFER WEEK!). We got transfer calls last night. I got called as Sister Trainer Leader and I'm moving to Hull!!!!! Sister Trainer Leader is the highest responsibility a sister can have on a mission. Nothing will change basically but I'll go on exchange with the other STL in the area (Sister Scott who is from Scotland LOL and she is AMAZING) every week, and we'll go to a mission leader council every couple of weeks with all the zone leaders, the AP's, President and all the STLs in the mission. It'll be a great learning experience :) I'll probably be one for the rest of my mission. That's what usually happens. I'll be so tired :)
Ok, back to last week…
We have one of our zone leaders (Elder Short) going home this week :( He's the tall red head in any of my photos I've sent. He's a great Zone Leader, and a good friend too! He's going back to Utah. We had loads of member visits last week actually. We love the members here in Leeds 1! That is the secret to missionary work. LOVE THE MEMBERS. Love love love love love love them. Everything will work out if you just love the members.
We were doing our 1 hour a week we get of mormon.org time and it was about 2pm on a Friday, which is usually prime finding time to be out talking to people, but we both felt like we should do mormon.org. It was weird because we were sitting there thinking "This is prime proselyting time.We should be out talking to people"..but for some reason we stayed. 30 mins went by, and I logged off and went and sat next to Sister Edgington while she finished watching a film about Christ. Just as we were doing that, this man sits next to us and says 'Are you watching Jesus?'. He looked middle-eastern. He was very interested in what we were watching so we had a great conversation in the library about Christ. He explained his Muslim beliefs and we explained about our Christian beliefs. He told us he goes to a church near here and he was so open to knowing more. We got his number and address and just before we were leaving he asked if he could have a Bible in Arabic. I told him we didn't have one but we could get him a Book of Mormon in Arabic. We then explained about the Book of Mormon and he said he wanted one. His name is Salah, and he's GREAT. He's been here for like 10 years and open to religion. We're passing all our potential investigators and investigators to the Leeds 1 elders and they can work with them all :) Salah also came to church on Sunday! While we were trying to explain to him where the church was, the guy next to us on the computer joined in explaining where it was, and then the 2 guys next to HIM helped explaining to him haha it was like off a movie! I was waiting for the whole room to bust out in a song or something. Glad we did mormon.org time and listened to the spirit that's for sure :)
So many great things happened last week but I'm a bit short on time!
We had New Years Eve at the flat, which was great. Well, we got invited to the Vingoe's until 10pm (that's how late we were able to stay out at a members house). We had a really nice time there. Then we went back to the flat determined to stay up until 12...we lasted until 11.30pm and we all threw in the towel and went to bed. I'm surprised we lasted until then! We got to sleep until 8am as well. The life! Haha..back at home, 8am was early for me. As a missionary, it's like candy canes at Christmas.
Sister Edgington is going to Harrogate with Sister Cunningham who is AMAZING and is also from Scotland. She has a heart of gold and Sister Edgington will LOVE it in Harrogate. It's nice and posh and apparently everyone's American because it's an army base :)
Oh haha I just remembered to tell you all about Muriel at the hospital. We went to go see a member at the hospital yesterday. We've seen her a bunch of times. All 4 of us sisters were in there talking and the other sisters were saying a prayer with her. This lady called Muriel walks in the door of the room from up the hall and starts to tell us how she used to own this hospital and she had 2 strokes and they took it from her. She told us all these crazy stories. We knew she was making them up but we just tried to be as understanding as we could. She then turns around, points to a lady hunched over looking like she hasn't got long to live and says 'She used to be a Millionaire. She owned all the hotels, and I owned a few hospitals, and they took them from us!’ She was getting quite upset about it. As we were on our way out the door (all the wards in the hospitals have locked doors you have to press a button to get out of) so we were walking through the door and Muriel latches herself onto Sister Edgington and says 'Take me with you!' she then tries to escape and she goes out the door. The nurses are trying to entice her back into the hospital ward and she's trying to head for the lifts to get out. They called security and everything. Muriel looked super old and she had more wrinkles on her face than hair on her head I think. The nurses were holding her so she couldn't go anywhere else and she started saying 'They're trying to kill me!' ('they' being the nurses). We got her back into the ward and were walking her up to her room and she kept saying 'I’ll go with you to the door and go outside and then you can leave'. She had major mental issues. Anyway I was holding her cup of coffee the nurses gave to her and I put it on her room. She was latched onto mine and Sister Wynder’s arm at this point. Then I got my arm out of the lock she had it in and she grabbed hold of Sister Edgington. We kept saying how we needed to go and she would be taken care of. She then yelled 'No, please don't go. They've tried to kill me EIGHT TIMES!' We were trying SO hard not to laugh. But this lady was bonkers. I felt so sorry for her. If she genuinely believed that, then she must be having an extremely hard time in that hospital. She also yelled 'Somebody get me a knife!!!' she was CRAY to the CRAY. Anyway, I don't know where the nurses were this whole time but they eventually showed up and took her off our hands. She scratched Sister Edgington because of how hard she was holding on to her. It was mental. Bless her cotton socks, poor lady. There's a story for ya!
I thought I was going to have a great and normal mission. Turns out that's not the way the cookie crumbles!
I'm off now, love you all. Hope you had a happy New Year!
Thank you for the cards and emails and presents etc. as well. You're all amazing!
I wish I could write more but I gotta go. There's always so much I could write!

Sister Kuhn xxxx

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