Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Paramedics, Plague and Locksmith Problems

Week 4, Transfer 5

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great time with or without your families. It was great for us missionaries! After skyping my wonderful and amazing family, we went back to the flat and had a huge breakfast that Sister Zurcher cooked for us. Pancakes, bacon, eggs...all sorts! We also had Tracey come with us. I Skyped at her house that morning. She brought chocolate crossiants and things that are called Yum-Yums (no idea how to explain them but they're made with pastry). Then we all went to a member’s house and had a massive feed...and we went back to Tracey's and had one of Sister Wynder and Zurcher's recent converts, Rachel and one of their Chinese investigators called Alice come over and we all ate and watched movies and things. The other sisters also Skyped their families. It was a lovely day.

(NB. It was lovely to see and talk with our 'baby girl' on Skype on Christmas Day. Here she is :)

We had a bit of a crazy week actually. Other than Christmas. Sister Edgington had what she thought was an asthma attack, but the paramedics (and their ambulance) came to the flat and checked her over thoroughly and said it wasn't asthma, it was all symptoms of a panic/anxiety attack. She had no clue what triggered it or anything but it would have been incredibly frightening. She felt like she couldn't breathe. The paramedic lady was so supportive and calm and helpful. She had had an anxiety attack before and knew what it felt like so she could offer some comforting words to Sister Edgington. She eventually settled down. And then the plague hit….the whole zone, except like a handful of us.

Sister Edgington, Sister Zurcher, Elder Jaeger, Elder Thompson, Elder Shwartzkopv, Elder Rogers, and 2 sisters from Leeds B Zone were super sick as well. Those are the only ones I know about but there could have been more. They all got hit with a cold and even some sisters had worse than that. Poor things. So we had a few hours here and there spent in the flat. That was voluntary. We also had to stay in the flat IN-voluntarily, because of the lock on our door. It was already getting stuck when I first got here 7 months ago, but it is just ridiculous now. It took us 10-20 minutes EVERY TIME we needed to unlock the door. When we got a parcel, we just told the guy the leave it by the door before we even tried to unlock it. If there was a fire or something and we needed to get out quickly, we'd either be dead or we'd have to jump out of the window. We had to stay in a few hours at night as well because of that. We finally got a locksmith on Saturday and we got a new lock. Yay!

Oh and because Sister Edgington and Zurcher was sick, Sister Wynder and I went on splits and went out together for a few hours. We worked both our areas. It was way fun. We taught her investigator Alice at the Institute and a recent convert Owen was there too. It was such a great lesson. I'd never taught with Sister Wynder let alone been in a Chinese area, but I LOVED it. We walked her home afterwards and it started raining but Sister Wynder and I didn't care. It was such a good lesson. Totally by the spirit. Success!

It's been a short but exciting week. We've also had some great and crazy weather. One month into winter everyone and I'm STILL ALIVE! Ye boi !!! 2 more months left :) I'm just going to embrace it.

So, I've been praying a lot for charity and love lately. IT WORKS! It's a gift we can pray and ask Heavenly Father for. I feel more of a genuine love for everyone I come in contact with, ESPECIALLY the people who are rude or disrespectful. It's always been SO difficult for me to love people when they're small minded or rude, but I've been praying a lot for charity and love for those people, and I truly believe that it helps and that I do feel more of a genuine love for them. It's great! It's such a burden when you let yourself feel weighed down with hate or dislike towards people. It doesn't hurt anyone else but you. I've learnt that WE control our attitude. No matter what trials or things come our way, no matter how other people act, they CHOOSE to act that way, and we CHOOSE to react in a certain way. I choose to be positive, I choose to love people who are rude. It makes my life SO much easier as well. It's wonderful! :)

New Years Eve, we get to stay up until 12pm! Wooooo! All night party in the party flat!!!!  Haha. Man I love the sisters we live with. We have THE FUNNIEST moments in our flat, especially around 10pm just before we're about to go to bed. Ah I love those sisters :) Life is good! Even though we have hardly any investigators, we do a lot of finding in the rain with not much success, we plant seeds of the gospel with people but nothing comes of it while we're here, life is still good. We expect ups and downs. It can't always be good and fine and dandy. I've found that all the really good stories are from unfortunate situations or 'bad' things that happen! I've got loads of good stories haha

Love you all, have a great New Years, make realistic and achievable goals that make you stretch! You can do anything!

Sister Kuhn x


Tracey and me at her house on Christmas night.

THIS. IS...THE BURGER WE HAD LAST P-DAY FOR LUNCH! Oh my goodness. FOUR BEEF PATTIES. It was INSANE y'ALLLLLLLL. Sister Zurcher's Dad aka Papa Bill bought it for us with his card that Sis Zurcher has. It was massive. After the first 2 or 3 bites, we were all feeling super sick. But we ate basically all of it..which we were well chuffed about! 


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