Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Week 3, Transfer 5

Ok. Half way through the transfer already. … How can time be going so fast?! In less than 2 weeks I will have been out 7 months. That's crazy talk.
It's almost Christmas!!!!!!!! Last week went by so fast. I can't even..I don't know where it's gone. This week will go by fast as well because it's Christmas and Boxing day etc. We can sleep in Christmas day until 8am, Christmas Eve DAY proselyting finishes at 4pm, and Boxing day is like a P-day basically. Today our P-day finishes at 3pm because we have so much time this week and around New Years Eve where we have non-proselyting days. It's exciting but I'm trying not to feel like a rubbish missionary because we won't be street contacting or knocking on doors etc.! We also get to stay up until 12pm New Years Eve!!! Party in the 4-sister Leeds 1 FLAT!!!! Yeahh buddyyyy! It'll be so so so much fun :)
We've seen Shazanna a bit in the last week. We've started reading Book of Mormon Stories children's book with her and she loves it, so we gave her one for Christmas. She was well chuffed! We love Shazanna :)
We won't be seeing a lot of our investigators because most of them are going away from Christmas or are busy with family. The sisters I'm in the flat with all go out caroling every night for an hour or 2. We wrapped up Book's of Mormon and put chocolate with them and a mormon.org card and we give them to people after we sing to them. Everyone here in England tries to give you money though! Apparently caroling = a charity looking for donations. It's annoying :) especially because a lot of people don't come to the door because they don't want to give us money...They are so surprised when we say we don't want their money and then we give them something :)
So I made the mistake of saying to Sister Edgington a few nights ago about how nice and mild the weather has been (since it's meant to be winter) as we were walking down the road.Literally the second I finished speaking it started pouring down with rain. Freezing.cold.rain. And wind. Can't forget that wind. And since then it's been freezing and cold and it even snowed little balls of slush last night! God is real. Haha. Really though, be careful what you say!
Last night we went with the Zone Leaders and the Leeds 1 elders and us four sisters to a senior couples home, Elder and Sister Wilson and we went out caroling with them. It was so fun! It started snowing balls of wet slush and it was windy and crazy but we had so much fun. The Wilsons are so great. We love them! They work in the mission office :) We had hot chocolate and snacks at their house afterwards as well. It was swell!
Sister Edgington has diligently been opening her 12 days of Christmas presents as well Edgington family! She has 80% of the presents under the Christmas tree :) haha…well, Sister Zurcher, Sister Wynder and I are slowly catching up to her!
 Well, that's all from me. Heaps happened but I either can't remember or…yeah nah I can't remember. Oops :)

Love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Sister Kuhn

Oh and the Christmas party!!  We had the Christmas party for 3 or 4 zones last week too! They had to do 3 seperate parties because the mission is getting so big! It was great though. Ours was on Wednesday. It was fantastic. We had a talent show and we watched It's A Wonderful Life which is one of my favourite movies! I'll send some pics of the talent show! :)
Elder Mosely (one of the AP's) and Elder McGuiness - Matching! 

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