Monday, 2 December 2013

Transfer back to Leeds 1

Week 6, Transfer 4
Well, the big news is that Sister Edgington and I got transferred to Leeds on Friday. We thought we were staying in Skipton, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles I'm afraid. It's ok though, I'm back in my old area. Good old Leeds 1!  Love Leeds. It's weird but good to be back, but getting used to it. My address here for Christmas packages is:
12B Ashleigh Road
West Park
Leeds LS16 5AX
If you've already sent it to Skipton, that's ok, they'll just get it to me somehow. Remember to write 'items NOT FOR RESALE' on the customs thing.
So yeah, back in Leeds 1. Happy. Still with my daughter Sister Edgington who is amazing and I love her so so much. We have SO much fun together. All the time. We're like a walking comedy show basically.
Gorgeous sunset in Hyde Park, 4.30pm in winter!! My favourite place in Leeds
We picked up Kaaron and Shazanna again (I need to find out how to actually spell her name properly). We got transferred to Leeds on Friday, and before that I can't really remember what we did. Everything kind of got pushed to one side in my memory after we got transferred because it was pretty major. All is well now though. Safe and sound in my first area. Yeahh buddyy! We still have our car too which is FANTASTIC. Not sure when we're getting it taken off us but it's very handy.
Back in the PARTY FLAT!!!!! 4 sister flats are THE best time of anyone's life. They are WELL fun. We had a huge clean out this morning which was great. We're all just sharing each other's food and it's so cute and sharing and caring. We also laugh..all.the.time. It's so fun.
On Saturday night we went by a lady the other sisters were inspired to talk to who actually live really close to Kaaron and Shazanna and the Mputu family (they're members). Her name is Linda and she has been investigating on and off for like 10 years! She believes it all, loves the church, but wants her family's support if she gets baptized. We got her concern out of her the first time we met her and committed her to pray for the courage to be bold and for her family to soften their hearts so she can tell them the desire of her heart and how she wants to be baptized. She said she wants to be baptized. So we are going to continue visiting and praying for her and setting goals. Also, Kaaron and Shazanna are back! I LOVE THEM!!!!! They're so fun. We saw them Saturday and then we went by again last night. We did the cup song (if you have seen Pitch Perfect the film it's the song the main girl does when she auditions to be in a singing group and she uses a cup and sings a song). Well we did that for like half an hour. We need to take a fun approach to them I think. Kaaron has a (limited) attention span and needs constant entertainment. He likes moves and interactive things. Shazanna just loves everything we do really. She gets involved with everything. She's always prayed about the Book of Mormon and knows it's true as well. She did that after we first met her. She's a star. We also met and had a good but brief chat with their Mum Sharon. I love that family. I'm so excited to pick them up again.
We also saw Ben on Saturday too. The one who works in a phone shop. Nothing has changed with him. The sisters stopped seeing him a month or more ago. He didn't even know why. We are going to work with him more as well. He has such great potential but complicates everything in his head too much.
So yes, we are getting back into everything quickly and head-on. I love Leeds 1 :) We miss Skipton a lot...but we won't be going back there any time soon. Love the branch there. Always always always :)
That's all from me. Love you all! Thank you for your emails and everything. I appreciate it!! Apparently..APPARENTLY..we aren't meant to write letters on any other day but if you send me a letter or an email, I usually reply by writing a letter, but if I don't reply for AGES it's because P-day is busy enough as it is and letter writing all in one day is a bit crazy. So I appologize..but I'm going to talk to my mission President because I want to know if that's actually a rule or not. If it's not, I'll write y'all replies in letter form when I have the time!
A mission really is just your life in 18 months. Ups and downs (major ups and MAJOR downs), change change change like all the time, learning to rely on the Spirit, learning to rely on Heavenly Father, learning to rely on your own abilities, changing yourself, becoming more like Christ, being surrounded by wordly things when you're out and about but having to shove them out of your lifestyle and your way of thinking. It's just like life but the intenstity is like x238193129. I love it though. Wouldn't have it any other way. I love the challenges. It just strengthens my faith in my Heavenly Father because it ALWAYS ALWAYS works out in the end.
Sister Kuhn

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