Monday, 16 December 2013

I did triceps push-ups in front of half the mission

Week 2, Transfer 5

EVERYONE IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! No idea where the year has gone, let alone the last 6 months! Soon it will be 7 months. The main thing this week we realized is that all our investigators are from Africa. Haha. We love them. There are so many more African people in Leeds. We have 2 families from Congo and 1 from Malawi and then we still are sort of teaching Kaaron and Shazannah, who are also African. Mireille was a member referral from a Congolese family in the ward, the Dindamba's. She is married with two kids, Kimberly and Seff. They are so cute! She is great as well. We also have Coco who we found knocking, who is married with 3 BEAUTIFUL young daughters. They are also from Congo and the Dindamba family knows them as well. Then Jeff, from Malawi, was a former investigator from the sisters before but they stopped teaching him. 
We have plans to do a lot of finding this week so we can get more and more pure investigators. We're so pumped!!

This kid doesn't look THAT tall..but he's only FOURTEEN YEARS OLD!! HE IS SOSOSOSOSO TALL. and probably the funniest person you will ever meet. 
Carlos Dindamba

In order of appearance, on Wednesday we had a mission tour. So half the mission was at the meeting on Wednesday and the other half was on Tuesday. We had Elder Kearon, the first councilor in the Europe Area Presidency come and speak to us. It was in York chapel, and the York Stake President was there as well. Sister and President Pilkington also spoke. It was a fantastic meeting. We did a survery a while back for all the missionaries in Europe and the meeting was tailored to what we wanted help with etc. It focused on finding a lot. It was great. Elder Kearon is English but lives in Germany with his family. Half way through the day (the meeting went until about 4pm) Elder Kearon talked about our schedule. We all went through our morning etc. and it got to exercise and he was like 'Who likes exercise? Who can do push-ups?' I put my hand up thinking that all the Elders have their hands up already anyway. I was sitting front row in the middle (all the sisters sit up the front at every meeting). Little did I know that the assistants and about half the sister missionaries were pointing at me when he asked everyone. They know I like my gym! So, I got up, in my skirt and my boots, and started pumping out tricep push-ups, in front of 145 missionaries which is half the mission. Not your ordinary push-ups and definitely NOT girl push-ups. I don't know how many I did, but I didn't get tired and I did them for awhile and then Elder Kearon wrapped it up and congratulated me and I sat back down. Sister Pilkington came up to me afterwards and said how proud she was of me because an elder did them the day before. So there you go everyone, representing the sisters in our mission!!!!

One of the main streets, Leeds City Centre

We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday night :) It was a really good turn out! Mireille and her 2 kids came, and so did Jeff, and Kaaron came too! It was so good to see them there. Jeff made a friend or 2 and Mireille's kids were super happy being there. They love us haha

Jeff was invited to church Sunday but said he couldn't come. Then he shows up at church and Sister Edgington and I were so excited to see him! He stayed for Sacrament and Sunday school. The last time he came to church when we weren't here he only stayed for Sacrament meeting apparently. So it was great he stayed for 2 of the hours. What a legend! It's been a lovely week of finding and member visits and serving and teaching.
I'm waiting for the snow though! It hasn't come yet. Disappointed! I'll keep my fingers crossed!
That's all from me. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!! :)
Love y'all! xxxxxxx
Sister Kuhn  

We braided our hair together - Sister Zurcher, Sister Edgington and I ..we all have really similar colour hair. #missionarylife 

                    In our flat, mind the mess!

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