Monday, 9 December 2013

Getting into the Christmas spirit!

Week 1, Transfer 5

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's the end of week 1 and the start of week 2 of the transfer! THE CHRISTMAS TRANSFER!!!!!!!! Well, since we were transferred to my old area in Leeds at the last minute, we are now all settled in with Sister Wynder and Sister Zurcher, who we love very much. I don't think President knows how much fun our flat is with all of us four sisters. We laugh ALL THE TIME. We all get along so so super well it's crazy. So it's good. We have a lot of fun together. We're also planning on going knocking together and singing at the doorsteps of people's homes, accapella and alto and soprano parts and everything! It will be FAB! Getting into the Christmas spirit! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
Kaaron on the right, his cousin Dominique, Shazannah, me, and Victor Mputu (a member). Love these kids! They dougied for us haha (look up 'teach me how to dougie' if you don't know what it is) 
This is Phillipa's littlest Maya. She is too cute! Phillipa has been a member for about 3 years. She is amazing! We went to tea with her last week :) 
Last night was an Institute Christmas choir concert. It was really great. They did such a good job. So many people there! Leeds 1 chapel was choc-a-block! (For all the non-Australians aka Sister Edgington's wonderful amazing family, choc-a-block means 'full') :) It was fantastic!

I bought a beanie. Don't get scared now.
It's BRIGHT PINK! lol. Something to brighten up a dreary winter! And I think I'm following up with our district leader as well. Multi-tasking :)

On Saturday night we met Martin and Magda. Married 2 years. Magda is actually from Poland funnily enough! She sounded pretty English though. We talked with them on the doorstep and then after a while out of nowhere Martin invited us in for a drink. We taught them the restoration basically and they were super interested, especially Martin. He was smiling and nodding most of the time. They are both Catholics but don't really go to church ever. They are so ready for the gospel! The lesson was completely lead by the spirit. Sister Edgington was so great, she spoke with so much power and authority. She has such a strong testimony. I love her! So that was really great meeting them.
The rest of the week was alright. It went fast but quick...if that makes any sense. Missionary life!

Well everyone, it's all down hill from here for me now. I will never have another Christmas on my mission…man, I won't ever have another 9th of December on my mission! :( I love it here so much. I love being a missionary. It is THE BEST decision I have ever ever ever made. Everyone should go. The amount you change and your testimony grows is insane. I can't wait for the next year to come. I'm working on so many things all at once, but I know that time is precious and we will be the same people we are now when we die (and are) in the spirit world. A lot of people think we'll just change and become automatically like Heavenly Father. The truth is, we won't. We are constantly having to work on ourselves to become better. If all it took was to live our 70, 80, 90 years on earth and then we die and become automatically perfect in the spirit world, God could have just snapped his fingers and made this life fast-forward where we live and die and that's it. He is bound by laws, just like we are. We all need to be working on ourselves, striving to be better, to be more like Christ, to follow Him. That is where we will find perfection, that is where we will be truly happy in this life and in the next. Our personality, our habits, our thoughts, our desires, they don't change after we die. That's something I've come to understand so much more on my mission. That is why I want to strive to be that person NOW. To be more like my Savior NOW…not wait until I die. What a waste that would be of this life, this precious time we have to experience mortality.
Anyway, that's my rant. Moral of the story, I love this gospel. It is THE BEST. I love you all. Merry Christmas for the Christmas season! Serve somebody this Christmas!

Love from Sister Kuhn xx

PS has some great Christmas videos. You should all check them out! They're so good!


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