Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas in Skipton!

Week 5, Transfer 4


Well, at 10pm last night..Sister Edgington and I…picked up the phone...and...were told…that Sister Edgington..is going to be serving...with.......ME!!!!!! FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Another 6 weeks in Skipton!!!!!! Christmas in Skipton, winter in Skipton, yeahhh buddyyy!!!! My fave Zone Leader (but don't tell any of the other ZL's) Elder Esteves is leaving to Hull to be a ZL there. He's been my ZL for almost 6 months! Anyway, he's gone, and the District Leader for Leeds 1 District (Elder Thompson - he's Chinese speaking) is taking Elder Esteves' place as ZL in Leeds A Zone. My district (Keighley) is getting a new DL from Ireland. Never met him before but I'm sure he's great. Not a lot has changed other than that. A few elders and sisters coming and going, but our zone basically stays the same sort of. Happy days!

This is Matthew Meadows..he is SO CUTE. He is the son of a daughter of one of our favourite families. <3 them. Sister Meadows makes the BEST cakes.

That's the immediate news. Now that's out of the way..on to what happened last week.
It was a good week, did lots of finding, knocking, district meeting, district lunch with the Zone Leaders etc. and then..STAKE CONFERENCE !!!!!!

It was SO good. They have Saturday session and Sunday session. All full-time missionaries in the stake were told to come to the Sat night session - they used to only be able to come if they had an investigator. President Pilkington spoke, which was amazing and inspiring and hilarious as always. Everyone who meets him or hears him speak loves him. He is just the best!

Then on Sunday, Magdalena, Jan, and ONE of her boys (Simon) came, which was so good. Lukas stayed home. But so good that Simon came. The ward clerk in another ward speaks fluent Polish so he met Magda and Jan at the conference and sat with them and interpreted. So good. And Patsy and Maggie came too! Maggie and Patsy used to be taught by Elders ages ago, then we started teaching Patsy, we have a really strong connection with her, she is so receptive to the spirit she just feels it so strong whenever we're with her. Maggie moved in next door to Patsy and they both came to Sunday session of conference, which was GREAT. The miracle is probably the lesson we had with Patsy Sunday evening. She told us about her amazing experience  at conference that day. She said that during President McKeown's talk (a counsellor on the Leeds Stake Presidency), as he was talking about a lady who was a vent patient and her desire to want to be baptized, it felt as though he was talking straight at her. She wants to be baptized and quit smoking, so we rescheduled her for the 14 December. We will be praying for her as she is trying to quit smoking in 2 weeks. It will be very hard for her, as she has been smoking for probably over 30 or 40 years. We have a member in the branch called Margaret who was baptized about 3 years ago, who had a severe smoking addiction as well, but with prayers, a lot of faith and help from the missionaries and members, she was able to quit in just over 2 weeks. Margaret actually went through the temple for the first time about a month ago now. She is so amazing. We know that Patsy can quit smoking and be ready for baptism by the 14th of December. We are so excited for her. We called her last night and told her Sister Edgington and I were staying in Skipton for another 6 weeks and she cried. Please pray for Patsy that she won't have the desire to smoke anymore. She needs all the help she can get!

The theme for Saturday night session of conference was 'Hastening the Work of Salvation' and it was AMAZING, and then Sunday's was 'Come unto Christ' which was also amaaaazing. So great.

       Ordinary Winter's Day in Skipton

Well, it was a solid week. All the members of Skipton Branch are incredibly happy we are staying. There is so much work to do here!

Sister Edgington and I are so pumped to be together for Christmas. She's always saying how she wants to be with me for winter time because I say funny things when I'm cold apparently. Everyone thinks I'm hilarious over here for some reason.

In District meeting yesterday…oh and our current District leader Elder Berrio is going to whitewash and be a zone leader in Grimsby Zone (a new zone). Yayyy!! I predicted a few weeks ago that he is going to be a ZL with my first DL Elder Randall who has been a ZL in Hull for the past few transfers...and guess what, they are going to be companions!! Hahaha. What a prediction. Love Elder Randall though, he's so funny without him even knowing he is haha a few weeks ago we had a Zone training meeting and we all had our own folders with a picture of something that resembled us. My picture was the chilled out turtle on Finding Nemo that says 'duuude' all the time. My zone leaders think I'm super relaxed and laid back, like that turtle. Haha and I always say Dude (bad habit that I need to stop). Hahah. love that turtle

Sister Edgington has improved SO much since last transfer. There are times where I look at her when she's testifying and teaching and I'm so proud of her. She has a strong foundation now, and now she can build upon it and be even more amazing than she already is!! Oh and we're so excited to sing Christmas songs on everyone's doorstep for Christmas!!!!

The church is true. If you want to be truly happy, live the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the one and only way to true eternal happiness. I know it is, try it!

Love y'all xxxxxx

Sister Kuhn

PS. Over the Christmas period, ANY PACKAGES OR MAIL MUST BE SENT STRAIGHT TO MY FLAT or I won't get them until like January. Write 'personal items NOT FOR RESALE' on the package and send it to:

6 Union House 
North Yorkshire
England   BD23 2UX          

This is a painting that one of our referrals from a member gave me - John Dinsdale. He is so lovely. We're happy to be here for 6 more weeks so we can still go and visit him. He is so talented! 

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