Monday, 4 November 2013

Magdalena's Baptism

Week 2

Ello gov'na!
It's Monday, the sky is blue, not a cloud in sight, and it's a lovely cool...5 degrees celsius. Yum! I'm not sure why England does this. Amazing blue sky, but then absolutely freezing cold air. Not sure about this 'worst winter in 100 years' business. I think they're all lying. It's meant to be winter time yeah? Well it doesn't look like it! I'll send a photo of what it looks like right now. However, the windscreens of all the cars this morning at 7am had frozen over and everyone needed to break the ice off so they could see where they were driving.

Taken on our way walking to the library to email. Lovely sunny FREEZING day! I can do winter if it's like this..if it gets all windy and rainy ( which is has been off and on that past few days at night time especially) I will DIE!!!

 We had a lovely week. The highlight was obviously that MAGDALENA WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! The members of Skipton branch are so supportive. There was quite a good turn out. The spirit was so strong. Everyone felt it. Sister Riozzi and I sang I Am a Child of God accapella, it sounded really nice (if I say so myself. lol nah some of the branch said it sounded nice) Sister Riozzi is a music teacher and has a lovely voice of an angel. Jan, Magdalena's friend from Poland came on Tuesday. Our lovely District leader and his companion picked him up from Bradford, which is about a 20 minute drive from Skipton, or about 40 mins on the train. Jan is so hilarious. He speaks like 3% English and 97% Polish...and by that I mean the only words he knows are 'OK' 'super' 'hello'…and I think that's it. He is so funny though. We've learnt through teaching Magdalena that you don't need to know the language to communicate with someone. Jan (in English his name is John) is lovely. Been a member for 12 years or so. He bore his testimony at the baptism, and Magdalena said the closing prayer at her own Polish of course! :) We're learning Polish as we go as well! Can't spell any of it, but can speak it!  Who would've thought I'd learn Polish! It's a tricky language, but we know some words :) anyway so yup! The baptism was great. Jan is a good support for Magdalena. They're just friends right now but (perhaps) marriage will happen eventually :)

We had a lesson with Stuart, our athiest investigator. He's going to the Canary Islands in a week and he said he's taking the Book of Mormon with him! He doesn't understand it very well but he reads it. He's showing faith and he doesn't even know it!  We love Stuart, but he needs to pray or else he'll never be able to have that foundation of if God even exists! And he sort of needs to know that in order for what we teach to make any sense whatsoever. We think it'll just click one day and BOOMMMMM he knows it's true! We'll see :)

What else…oh we made Dino and Olive investigators last night. They're former investigators. Dino used to talk a lot but Sister Edgington and I are bold enough to just continue teaching. Olive is a sweetheart...and hilarious in her own way. Dino talks so much so when Olive wants to say something she'll just say it and hope that someone hears her haha she said 'People ask me how I put up with him' (points to Dino) and then she says 'and I say ''With great difficulty!''' haha we love Olive. They've both been married before, both had bad experiences, and they came across one another and that was that! Dino is a lovely man, he likes to remind us he is a genius ALL the time and he always starts everything he says with 'Let me tell you something you won't believe' or 'Let me tell ya something you don't know'...and we interrupted him and said 'No Dino let us tell you something YOU don't know!' he just laughs...we have a friendly relationship with them both, always joking around but being serious when we need to be. We'll see how we go with them.
We're going to go on a mamma MEGA finding excursion this week! We have like 483091 areas we're going to go to and plant seeds with EVERYONE and also find people who are being prepared to hear our message. It's all very exciting. We're in the 3rd week of the transfer! at the end of the week we'll be half way through the transfer. Time is going pretty quickly!
We had a great District meeting last Wednesday about 'Mountains to Climb'. Elder Berrio is a really great district leader. He always gives good instruction at district meetings. We have zone training this Friday and interviews with President Pilkington (our Mission President) which should be good! The Zone Leaders came to our nightly planning on Saturday (they do it with all the companionships in the zone once a transfer usually). Our Zone Leaders are the best. Either I just find everything everyone says hilarious or they're genuinely funny people. I'm pretty sure they're just genuinely funny. I'm so grateful for my leaders. They do such an amazing job at helping all the other missionaries. Sister Edgington and I always try and ask them how they are..because they said nobody cares about the zone leaders. Haha unnnnlucky.
Sister Edgington is going fantastically as well. She is taking the lead in everything this week. It will be great! She will learn how to take the lead and I will learn to be more patient :) One of the best things about being a missionary is all the change and improvements we make within ourselves. We're always asking each other and everyone what we can do to improve. It's the best! I love the Atonement because that is how we can repent and improve, constantly keep progressing in one way or another. I love the gospel. It's the way for eternal happiness.
Well, this feels like a shorter blog than usual today, but not much happened other than the highlight of the week being the baptism!
Love you all! Keep doing your bit of missionary work wherever you are. In unity there is strength, if we're all doing a little bit, we will triumph! We will feel the joy of helping others come closer to God and we will be happy. I promise!
Lots of love xxx
‪Sister Kuhn‬

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