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Missionary Work is The Best ( Emailed 11 Nov 2013)

Bloggity blog time!
I got me hurr did!!!!! FINALLY!
AKA I got a hair cut. So exciting. It's a bit shorter and healthier and lush now! Missionaries are a bit deprived when it comes to hair cuts and things :) Well, I am anyway haha  but hey, that's not the most exciting thing that's happened in the past week don't worry.

Monday till Tuesday we had the coordinating sisters on exchange with us! Sister Birningham and Sister Wynder. We love them both so much! We had such a fun time. I was with Sister Birningham for the whole exchange. We went by a few former investigators in an area called Cross Hills and did some knocking. Met some lovely people! I'll keep you updated if any of these people turn into investigators or not!

This is what I have to deal with here in England.  PARADISE. On the train to Settle looking out the window :)
On Wednesday we went to Settle, which is about a half hour drive from Skipton, to visit some potentials and some former investigators. We visited Pauline and Viv - Viv is hilarious, getting dementia, but shows off a lot when he's got company. Pauline is his wonderful amazing and incredibly patient wife. They're former investigators. We talked a bit about the Plan of Salvation. The first time we knocked on their door to visit, Viv answered and invited us in almost straight after we said Hello, then Pauline comes to the door and says 'noope, nope, no'…but we talked to them both at the door step for a while, we were all laughing and smiling after a while and Pauline said we can come visit any time. This happens a lot with people you see…they're so anti-Mormon/anti-religious, and then we sort of force our happiness and our bubbly attitude on them and we just love them, they feel it, and they end up talking to us for ages and say we can come back any time. It happens all the time! It's great :) After we visited V & P we went by this darling elderly lady called Elsie Prophet from Manchester. We knocked on her door and spoke to her last time we were in Settle a fair few weeks ago. She is so lovely. She loves her family so much, and she loves Manchester as well! Anyway, when we went the second time, she had her mate Florence over…now Florence is a very very very strong Jehovah Witness. We came to visit Elsie but Florence ended up asking us a million and one questions about the church and about the gospel. It was ................................yeah...that's about it. We were there for over an hour answering her questions. Then we asked Elsie if we could say a prayer because we had to go, and Florence (I like to call her Flo) said 'Oh right well I don't want to say a prayer with you..I'll leave you to it..yes because you don't believe that God is called Jehovah and I'll say that in my I'm going to leave..' She waffled on for ages. We were quite alright with her praying how ever she wanted to pray, but she insisted she leave. So Elsie (who was quiet the WHOLE time) said 'Well go on then!' in the sweetest way possible. Haha love Elsie. Then after tea time all our plans fell through and we didn't know what to do, so we went street contacting, only there was NOBODY on the street. Nobody. We went walking for ages. Then, because this week the Zone Leaders AND our District Leader told Sister Edgington she's Senior Companion this week, I looked at her and was like 'So what are we going to do?' She decided to say a prayer, so we did. We had about 20 minutes until we had to be in, so we said a prayer, praying that we'd find someone to talk to. We were really close to our flat and we saw this man going to and from his car with boxes. We offered to help him but he said he was alright. We got chatting and found out he's moving just a few streets over, he's married, his name's John, middle-aged-ish-sort of (I really have no idea, he looked old to me). He was so great! He'd met missionaries like 2 or 3 years ago and had a 5 minute chat with them but nothing ever happened. He said we could go over to his new house and visit if we want, we talked to him for longer than 20 minutes, said a prayer with him as well on the street, and then went to the flat. It was so good :)

Then on Thursday, we went to Sue's house. Ohhhh Sue…she is just amazing. She treats us like her daughters. She got her partner to print off 2 beautiful big photographs of the London Temple for us! She lived near it when it was being built when she was a little girl and she remembers it! I think I might have already explained that before but I think it's so amazing! We're going for tea at her house next week :) We feel like if we build this foundation with her and just love her and testify to her instead of jumping down her throat with doctrine and things, it will have an effect on her. She praises us all the time. She's wonderful. She's already acting like a member of the church! Bless her. Then at night weee went finding in Cross Hills again, went by a potential investigator, had a chat. Her name is Debbie. Then we were walking down the street and an automatic light went on outside someone's door, we were like 'Oh it's a sign!' so of course, we went and knocked on that random door, and Rita answered :) She's an older lady, we gave her a Book of Mormon, said a prayer with her, and left. She wasn't super interested but hey, the seed has been planted!

Zone training meeting on Friday. President Pilkington has changed how Zone training is done. Previously it has been the zone leaders getting up and instructing us all at the front and we're all sat in rows. NOW, we sit at a table so we can see everyone's faces and we can sit or stand depending on what we want to do, and it's more of a discussion. It's so good. Instead of just the Zone Leader's instructing, we have 5 minute topics and they get the best in the zone to talk about it. It's Planning, Teaching, Finding and Study. The Zone Leaders asked us to instruct for 5 minutes on study, especially our companion study and ESPECIALLY our lesson plans, because apparently they're really really good. The instruction went really well, everyone did such a great job. The new format is great. Soooo much better than before. They've never been like that before…well not in this mission anyway, so we're making history! We also had interviews with President as well. Every 3 months we have interviews. It went well :) President Pilkington is the man! So so so inspired, and so human and down to earth and hilarious. Great, great man.

The members of the branch trust us a lot now I think. We've had 2 baptisms since we've been here, and for the Poppy Appeal bake sale that we did a week ago, the members were all praising us for being so good at talking to people on the street. I laughed because it was so much easier than what we usually do! Maybe we should bring around trays of cupcakes when we knock on doors as well? Haha…but nah it was really successful. The members are such good cooks! We raised a lot of money for the poppy appeal I think. For all of you who don't know what the poppy appeal is, the 11th of November aka today is Poppy Day. And the Poppy Appeal is the few weeks before Poppy Day where everyone raises money. I don't know why, but I know that Poppy Day is to remember those who died in the war and the fight for freedom for the country. We all had 2 minutes of silence at 11am today and yesterday as well as it was Remembrance Sunday. Big week!

And we had a mission president fireside on Sunday. There were over 200 people there, which is an amazing turn out. We took Magdalena. Brother Simcock drove us :) Go brother Simcock!!! President got to meet Magdalena and it was all happy days :) The fireside was amazing as well. President Pilkington is one of the best public speakers in the whole world. He is so so so so so so so sosoooo good. 

Anyway, missionary work is the best. You are all the best. Keep spreading the gospel, love everyone, forgive always, be obedient, and leave everything else up to the Lord!

Thank you for all your emails and prayers and support as well. You will be blessed!

Love you!!!

Sister Kuhn

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