Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Goodbye Hull...Hello Beverley!

Sister Pacis and I

How has your week been? 
My week was pretty standard. It's hard whitewashing (when  you and your companion go to a new area neither of you have been to before)'s TRANSFER WEEK THIS WEEK!!! AND...ANDDDDDD...I'm moving!!!!!! a place called Beverley! It's literally only 20mins train ride out of I'm still in the same zone and everything. 

Our Hull District

I'm also in a district with Sister Huang and Sister Arrive who I've been living in the flat with for the past 6 weeks. Not much will change. I'll be serving with Sister Scott who is my Sister Trainer Leader companion for exchanges. President is putting the STL's together now. They originally served with other sisters but now he's changing it (thank goodness). It was hard trying to stay united with Sis Scott and stay organised when we weren't even serving anywhere near each other. So this will be good. Although I'm sad about leaving Sister Pacis. She's so great, I love her loads. She's always happy and smiley and singing and laughing. She is a lot of fun. We all have a lot of fun in the flat :) 

When we were walking home last week...hahaha I love Baptist church signs

How are your meals? Do you need any recipes? I am a pro at cooking. I can do quick things and easy things and delicious things and it's all good. I'm just eating too much chocolate so that's why I'm getting fat. But never fear, I'm going to Beverley where we walk 30 mins to appointments and to church and everywhere because the buses are useless. It's meant to be a very posh area, similar to Harrogate or York..but smaller I think. Yay for getting skinny again!  Wish me luck :) 

I got home from exchanges (with Sister Edgington by the way!!!) It was a great exchange and I got all this Valentine's Day stuff. So cute!!!


       My companion is the best!

To the Edgington family, 
THANK YOU so much for your Valentine's Day package. It was so sweet of you to think of me. I LOVED it! The sisters I live with LOVED the vanilla almonds you sent me. I had to fight them off all the time! Haha thank you so much. And I will definitely take you up on that offer to come and stay when I'm in Utah next! I saw Sister Edgington last week. She is doing well. Sister Rawle and I took her to the doctor and she will be feeling better soon hopefully. It was SO good to see her again. She will always be a good friend for the rest of my life. Also, when I was with her Zone Leaders at a meeting, I mentioned her name and they said 'Oh she is such a good missionary, so focused...'.They just praised her! I couldn't hold it for long though..I was like SHE IS MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!! (whoever you train on your mission is your daughter. The missionary family tree..haha) I was so happy to hear she is doing well and being the amazing missionary I knew she was the day she got here! I thought you might like to know that :) She is doing the Edgington family proud. I also saw her lamb winter hat (we call them beanies in Australia). I LOVED it! She may or may not ask you to send me one haha I'd wear it all the time! Represent the Edgington's all the way in Australia as well when I go back!

Love you all! xx 
Sister Kuhn

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