Monday, 10 February 2014

Thanks for the love and support and emails and letters and prayers and just everything!

Week 4, Transfer 6

Well, I'm all better now. Back to just being tired all the time :) That's when you know you're back to yourself as a missionary haha 
One more week until transfer calls. Another transfer over almost. Can't believe where the time has gone! Almost 8 and a half months for me. There needs to be a slow motion button and somebody needs to press it because this is just getting crazy with how fast time is going. Sister Pacis and I have found our feet in Hull now anyway. We know our way around and the bus routes and members homes etc. 

This last week hasn't reeeally been anything of amazement. I don't have much to report on really. It's one of those weeks in missionary work where you don't really know where the week has gone, you had great plans every day and a lot of it didn't go according to plan, and your teaching pool is it doesn't FEEL successful (especially numbers wise with key indicators - but they aren't the most important anyway. They are just a means to an end really), but we did a lot of walking and talking to people. We have those weeks every now and then. It's good for us. Ups and downs. :) 

I do feel, however, more involved in the ward now. We're trying to do more less-active visits (which we did this week and they were all lovely) and more member visits. It's all at a turtle's pace at the moment progress-wise but that's ok :) we are happy and cheery and will continue working hard! Yesterday at church a lot of the members were making sure I was all better now and everything. It was really nice :) I also spoke to the Polynesian family in the ward. I just feel so at home and at ease when I have Polynesians close by haha I don't know why..I just love them. The Samoan family from NZ have lived in Hull for 8 or something years. They still have their accent and we were joking around that they were going to give their kids a hiding when they get home for being naughty in sacrament meeting haha I love them. They're going to have us over sometime soon as well. Excited for that!

On Thursday I had my first Mission Leadership Council as a Sister Trainer Leader (STL) with Sister Scott. We had to sleep over at the York Uni sisters’ the night before and go with the York Zone Leaders because our ZL's car is being repaired at the moment. So we had about an hour drive there and back with the York ZLs. We got onto the topic of music and it came out eventually about my letter from Lil Wayne and the few famous music artist encounters that I've had (one of the ZLs loves hip hop and rap and we bonded over that haha). Now I think half the zone leaders in the mission know about it because they asked me about it after the meeting. Lol. Bless them.

Anyway, the meeting was great. We discussed a lot of things. I was really just trying to get a feel for it all so I only put my opinion forward once or twice. But next time..haha..they better get ready for it. I'm GOIN IN. Nah but it was good. 

My highlight of the week was actually today (so it's my highlight for this week and last week). I got an email today from John Evans, who Sister Edgington and I met and taught in Skipton quite a few months ago. Man was it good to hear from him! Under unfortunate circumstances, he moved back to the UK with his Mum from Portugal where his Mum was living and where he moved to, which is why he wasn't baptized. He was far away from church in Portugal and the missionaries didn't contact him. He emailed and said that he went to church for the first time and he loved it. I'm writing this in an internet cafe and I wanted to cry I was so happy to hear he'd been in contact with missionaries again and now he's scheduled for baptism again in Chester where he's living now! BEST NEWS I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!! I am just so excited for him. It just shows how powerful Heavenly Father is. He moved and we sent referral after referral to Portugal missionaries and nobody contacted him…and then he (by what I believe to be divine intervention) moved back to the UK where the Skipton Elders contacted him and got the Chester missionaries to contact him. What a blessing! Made my day, my week, my month, my mission…everything! I'm over the moon :)  So there's a great story for you all today. He reads my blogs too - you're the man John!!!!!!! Keep it up! 

Today for P-day we're having lunch at a fancy Chinese place and then going to a park where there are WALLABIES! I'm ready to feel at home! haha

Love you all, thanks for the love and support and emails and letters and prayers and just EVERYTHING!

Sister Kuhn xx

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