Monday, 12 May 2014

A really fulfilling week!

Week 5, Transfer 8
GOOOOOOOAL (not football (soccer) goals) 
Last weekly planning on Friday we set some pretty high goals for this last week. We've almost had a whole transfer of just being sick and not doing a whole lot. So we set high goals and got stuck in! President wants us teaching 20 lessons a week. Since we only averaged like 5 lessons, if that, for the past month, we set a goal of 20 lessons last week. We ended up with 19, and we did service and tried our best to help and uplift and love as many people as we can. It was a really fulfilling week. 
Glenda's Laundry
We went to Susan Magg's house, a recent convert, and taught her about temples. She's going to the temple for the first time on Tuesday. She is absolutely AMAZING. She has kids and she is just fantastic. She has so much faith and patience, amidst all the trials she's trying to overcome. We do some unplanned service by helping her take some more wallpaper off because she's redecorating. I've discovered that I like decorating, like painting and taking off wallpaper. It's actually quite relaxing. Anyway so she lives close to the Richmond's, and previously we went over there and they told us about their neighbour Glenda. She's an older lady apparently. Sister Richmond said Glenda might need some help with her garden, so we pop over after we see Susan. We knock. No answer. We knock again. No answer. So because it's England and they always have like 3801932 doors to the houses here, we go around the other side of the house where there's another door. Her door was barricaded by her massive long double clothes line overflowing with old ladies white bras, undies and other clothes pegged on it. Once we make our way through the amazon of clothes, we finally get to her door. We knock. No answer. We knock again. No answer. So, after all that, I turn to walk back up the steps to the gate. To my surprise, Sister Zurcher says "hey, should we fold her laundry?" I turn around and say "Dude. English people don't even like giving you their name let alone getting all up in their laundry", but because we're so unified, I turn around and start taking off Glenda's laundry from her clothes line. Sister Zurcher takes off a purple jumper and folds it up and puts it on a bench near the door. First thing I take off the line, it's wet. Second thing, wet. Everything else is wet. So we just stare at each other for a second, and then we bail pretty quickly leaving Glenda with one folded purple jumper on the bench near her door. So awkward. We laughed our faces off afterwards haha Glenda's laundry..r.i.p. 
Chinese students out the ying yang
So we're teaching two Chinese students at the moment, Aaron and Tango. They're fab. They both really want to develop their relationship with God and know more about the purpose of life. Aaron meditates a lot. He's probably one of the happiest people I've ever met. Tango came to church on Sunday and he said he loved it and he felt so much peace. He has such a sincere desire to want to have a relationship with his Heavenly Father. I love helping people develop and strengthen their relationship with their Heavenly Father. It's why I'm here, it's why I'm a missionary. I love it!

Mexican, scones, jam and clotted cream. They definitely mix. 
We had tea with Max and Katie. Max is a member, Katie isn't yet. They fed us chicken enchiladas (so yum!) and scones with clotted cream and jam for desert. Sister Zurcher LOVES scones with jam and clotted cream ever since she's discovered it here in England. I feel so spoiled with being brought up with that. Lucky Australia and England are pretty good friends, we have a lot of English foods. We talked about prayer and talking to Heavenly Father so we can develop a relationship with Him and know that He's there. 

We had 5 investigators at church. Maria (she's Chinese but grew up down Essex way - she's 21 and  we love her!), Denelson, Igor, and Gina Manuel (their Mum doesn't come to church and hasn't for a while but Denelson and Igor are both 9 and 10 yrs old and really want to be baptized. Gina is 16 and it's great she came to church. She's doing her own thing at the moment, they're all great though. They hug you when they see you. It's so cute! Then we had Tango come as well :) We had a great week. I can't really remember a lot other than that without looking at my journal..but my journal isn't here, so that's a bit of a downer. But hey, solid week.
Love you all! 

Peace, love, and chicken grease  xxx Sister Kuhn

Oh!!! a MASSIVE P.S to the blog. It was the 50th Anniversary of the Leeds 1st Ward chapel on the weekend. They had a big celebration on Saturday. The ward choir did Music and the Spoken Word, there was a tree planted, and then a DISCO (I didn't even know they used that word anymore). We had the oldest living and bishop of the ward speak as well. And the RUSHWORTH'S WERE THERE!!! They're from Skipton! So I got a picture with them :) Sister Rushworth does the best trifle ever!!! I love these two people :) 

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