Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Fantastic Week of Miracles!


Week 5, Transfer 8

It has been a fantastic week full of miracles!

Today is P-day! We went to Harewood House just out of Leeds with Sarah Boycott (a member in Leeds 1 Ward) and Hamilton her son who is super cute :) It was really nice. I'll attach some pictures! The grounds were gorgeous. You'd love it Mum!

All those are form Harewood House today. You can Google all about it :) It was beautiful! They had bird gardens and penguines and all sorts!  

President Pilkington was able to meet our investigator Francis on Sunday at church. We met him in Hyde Park last Tuesday. It was beautiful weather and we decided to do some finding in the park in Leeds! Francis is from Italy. He came to an Institute class on stress that Elder Vingoe (Elder and Sister Vingoe are the Institute senior couple) taught on Thursday. He stayed and talked to him for an hour at the Institute building after we left. He's very interested in learning more. He studies Chemical Engineering and is also in one of the same classes as Chris Vingoe (Elder Vingoe's son). Small world! He looked up the website we gave him and he mentioned he lives the same lifestyle as us. He doesn't drink, smoke, drink tea or coffee, and he's vegan. He really liked church as well. He's got a very active and deep way of thinking. He also has a lot of great questions. So on Sunday it was Fast and Testimony meeting. Now, when you invite investigators to church and it falls on a fast can be make or break. Every time for me almost it's been a bit of a disaster. The one time you have someone there for Fast and Testimony meeting, everyone decides to get up and talk about all the trials and hardships they've had and the mood is really down and sad. The lessons are always on like Kolob or baptisms for the dead or something. BUT, last Sunday was PERFECT. First of all, Bishop Parr started off the testimonies and basically talked about the whole first vision which is what we briefly talked to Francis about on the bus but really brief. Then everyone after that just testified about how the church was true and Joseph Smith was a true prophet etc. It was AMAZING. It was like an answer to our prayers. Sunday School was about the original church Jesus Christ had when he was on the earth..which was great for Francis because of his Catholic background. He didn't stay for Priesthood because he didn't eat breakfast and was really hungry..but I think he gave it a good shot because not everyone comes for the first 2 hours anyway when they first come! That Sunday was just a huge blessing. A true and obvious answer to our prayers :)
We're also teaching 2 Chinese students, Tango and Aaron. They will progress in their own time I think. They have a sincere to know more about Heavenly Father though. They are really wonderful to teach. It's different to teaching people who have a religious background or even a basic religious knowledge..because the Chinese students don't usually have any religious knowledge about God. It's good to have so much variety with all the people we're teaching.

We also have a fantastic miracle about a less-active. It's a bit of a long story how she got in contact with the missionaries recently but Sister Zurcher took me to go and see Cassy Booth (that's the second time she's seen her). She has an 8yr old girl called Madison and a 2 year old called Kaleb and a daughter that lives in Keighley (a city 20 min from Leeds). Cassy left the church at 14. She explained herself as a bit of a rebellious child...but she wants her daughter Madison to have the choice to be baptized/go to church more etc. if she wants to. She currently goes to church in Keighley to stay with Cassy's Mum every now and then. Madison loves church. In that same lesson, we invited Cassy and Madison to the 50th Anniversary of the Leeds 1 chapel this Saturday and Cassy said she'd come. She also agreed to coming to church on Sunday because Madison wants to. We think Madison will be an essential tool in reactivating Cassy. She knows the gospel principles, she just needs to strengthen her testimony. She's so wonderful though. Super chilled.

We were also knocking for a bit after trying to find someone on the AUF list (Address Unknown File). The person we were looking for doesn't exist apparently. But usually there are usually great miracles that come from knocking the houses near the address we're given to check if a less-active lives there. The people in this area were not particularly friendly, until we met June :) She's a 70-odd year old lady who invited us in. She is our English grandma now :) We had a wonderful chat with her. She might come to church this week and she wants to come to the 50th Anniversary because there's a family history party and she's interested in that. 

We had afternoon tea at Aysia and Lucy's house on Sunday. It was so lovely! 
They really made it super cute :) 

Those were just some of the miracles this last week.

Life is definitely like a roller-coaster. I feel like Heavenly Father is constantly reminding me to just enjoy the ride. I feel overwhelmed sometimes that I have so much to improve on....but I just need to do my best and keep my mind focused on my purpose. It gets a little simpler then :)
I'm also SO excited to be staying in Leeds for another transfer!!!! I absolutely love this area. There is so much potential here. Sister Zurcher is an incredible missionary as well. She is such a strength to those around her, especially me. She is a great teacher. I feel like we balance each other out really well. She is just fantastic! We're super excited for the transfer to come!
Everyone that emailed me this week: I'm sorry I didn't reply to you all. I didn't have long to email! I'll reply next week :) Love you all!!!!

Sister Kuhn

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