Monday, 28 April 2014

As long as we try our best and... improve one step at a time, we're doing well.

Week 3, Transfer 8

It's only a 5 week transfer this time so transfer calls are in a week! Quick review of my life for the past week:
Monday we had Family Home Evening at Max and Katie Halford’s. They're about 23 and 22 years old and they're so cool! Katie isn't a member but we have FHE's and lessons with them both and it's really good fun. Tuesday Sister Zurcher got sick. Wednesday she was still sick for most of the day. Then we went to Phillipa's for tea. I love Phillipa!!!! She has 2 young girls and her sister lives with her and she's not a member I don't think. I love going to her house. She's so chilled I feel like she's a sister to me. And her girls are so cute! Maya and Ruby :)  

Thursday was zone training meeting. It was so so good. The main focus for the mission now is Virtue. So we're all studying virtue. It's more than just being pure and chaste and 'virtuous' in the typical sense that everyone thinks of it as. We had an inspired zone training about how it's the reason why we do things, it's the thoughts that we have, it's where our heart is. It's so much more than what I even thought it was. Sister Decker gave an amazing instruction on Light, Virtue and the Priesthood. I'm studying a lot about light and virtue. It's a lot to take in, because we all have so many things we could improve on within ourselves, but as long as we try our best and at least improve one step at a time, we're doing well. So that's what I'm working on :) I get a little overwhelmed thinking about all the things I need to improve on, but I know that Heavenly Father is patient with me, and he will help me a day at a time to be better, as long as I try my best. 

Sister Dragoti 

Thursday night we went to Bradford on exchange with Sister Kumire from Zimbabwe and Sister Dragoti from Albania. We had a fun exchange. 

This is what we've resorted to..stacks on stacks..
of plastic bottles. 
Then I was feeling poorly on the Thursday night and was sick Friday and Saturday. So basically..Sister Zurcher or I have been sick this whole transfer. It's been pretty brutal. I'm still sick, but I went to church yesterday because Sister Zurcher and I were talking in sacrament meeting. We talked on 'Staying faithful in times of adversity'. A lot of people came up to us and thanked us and complimented us on our talks. A few of them said it's what they really needed as well. I just feel such a great love for God's children and how strong we are with all the trials we go through. It really humbles me. I learnt a lot in that talk. Kaaron and Shazanna were at church actually! I haven't seen them yet but they were my investigators the last 2 times I was here. We'll start working with them again maybe.

Ward Social last Saturday- note the disclaimer.
Sunday was a great day :) We had tea at the Winters’ home! My goodness. I love the Winters. That family is gold! Not to mention their daughter Angela is a BOSS of a cook! We had Sunday dinner with them and Brother Winters shared some of his wisdom and knowledge with us which will help me a lot I think. Sister Zurcher and I just love them! Sister Winters is head of the family history centre in the ward, I had a great chat with her about her family history. It makes me want to know more stories about my family (look forward to a lot of questions when I get home Mum!) 

Tulips in our garden. 

Today we're having a sister's p-day at Kirkstall Abbey! :) So I will need to go soon actually…but it will be a nice chance to just chill with the sisters and get to know them better. I'm looking forward to it :)

I'm on the mend! We have a busy week ahead so I better get better soon! I'm sick of being sick :)

Sister Kuhn 

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