Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Goodbye Beverley.. Hello Again, Leeds 1 !!

Week 6, Transfer 7
Honestly, if a mission represents how the rest of your life will be…then I think I'd rather just be translated and go up to heaven now.

So, it was transfer calls last night. Sister Scott and I were POSITIVE that neither of us were going anywhere. So positive that we made great and amazing plans for Wednesday (which is transfer day and if you're being transferred, training or going into a leadership position you go to Cross Gates chapel in Leeds). Well, they have been cancelled..because I'M BEING TRANSFERRED...BACK TO LEEDS!!!! Hahahahahaahahhahaahahahah I can't even....I was like, what duh?!

President calls right..and we thought we were safe because it was like 9:15pm..first thing he said was 'I have 2 things sisters, the first thing...(he laughs a little bit) Is there any way you can make your emails shorter?' Apparently Sister Scott and I write mammoth emails (which include our exchange reports) haha he continues..'It's like reading War and Peace Vol. 14!' haha..I love President Pilkington. He is just the best. Anyway, he said 'The second thing is..I'm going to re-assign you sisters..' At the time I was thinking we were going to be released as Sister Trainer Leaders but then President says 'Sister Kuhn, you are going to go to Leeds and be with Sister Zurcher..and Sister Scott, you are having Sister Wynder come to Beverley'. Now…I was born in the same flat as Sister Wynder (aka I came on my mission and lived with Sister Wynder) and Sister Zurcher is her companion and was when Sister Edgington and I got emergency transferred back to Leeds after Skipton and we lived with them both for a transfer. Moral of the story, I absolutely LOVE Sister Zurcher and Sister Wynder. Sister Zurcher and I had way too much fun in the flat when I was there. I am super excited about it. Confused WHY I'm going back to Leeds 1 but not complaining because I love Leeds 1!!!!! Sad I'm leaving Beverley though. Sister Scott and I only had 6 weeks serving together :( We had so much fun this transfer too...especially with bikes, and we have a pretty tight black British accent going which we talk to each other in all the time...haha ohhhh bless us.. rip Beverley <3
So that's the CRAZY PSYCHO NEWS for you all for this next transfer! I just get moved around like there's no tomorrow! I really really REALLY hope I'll STAY in an area for longer than 2 transfers. Seriously.
And so this is my life:
Came on my mission in June 2013 a week into the transfer
First 7 Weeks - in Leeds 1
Mid 2nd transfer - Emergency transfer to Skipton
3rd and 4th transfer - In Skipton with Sister Edgington
5th transfer - ET'd back to Leeds 1
6th transfer - Moved to Hull
7th transfer - Moved to Beverley
8th transfer - Moved BACK to Leeds 1

Can I get an amen? Crazy or what!
So..yup. Back to my wonderful amazing lovely ward in Leeds 1 whom I love and miss!

Exchange with Sister Edgington and Sister Price last week.
They came to Beverley :) 
Exchange with Sister Huang and Sister Arrive.
They also ventured to Beverley for the exchange :) It was so fun ! 

My district while in Beverley :) I was in Elder Pollock's district when I was in Hull, then I was moved to Beverley 6 weeks later and was then in Elder Thygerson's district and 2 weeks into the tranfers, the districts changed and I was back in Elder Pollock's district. STORY.OF.MY.LIFE.

Elly Taylor - she is an amazing woman. Her life story is incredible. I respect and love her to the heavens and back. She always took good care of us.
The food she cooked us (Below)

Beverley Minster that I never got to go inside of :) 
The Ashmore family - less-active but coming back :)

Other than that, we've had lessons and member visits and miracles and less-active visits and such fun times on the bikes and all sorts this last week. Sad I'm leaving, happy it's back to Leeds. I wish (and thought) I would be staying...but that's not the way the cookie crumbles this time!Something I was studying in the scriptures this morning for a few minutes was about angels. Hebrews 13:2 I found really interesting. I love scriptures that make me think. Feel free to look it up :) I think a lot, and so I was thinking and a certain question popped into my mind, and then without hesitation, my hands were turning my scripture pages and I ended up looking at Doctrine & Covenants 130:5 which directly (and I mean DIRECTLY) answered my question. I had to laugh at myself a little bit and I said a short little prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for helping me out there! Then I read over to verses 18-19 about knowledge and intelligence..and how the more we gain here the more advantage we will have in the life to come. I thought that was interesting as well. (Especially with the spiritual thought you gave me in your email Mum!) It doesn't matter what we learn about, as long as we are gaining true knowledge and intelligence. And Sister Scott pointed out that the more we know and understand, the more Heavenly Father can and will reveal things to us because we will have an understanding of it. He won't give us something we can't understand, because it could go the other way and we would be confused, so we are urged to gain as much knowledge and intelligence as we can, not only to benefit us in the life after this, but so Heavenly Father may reveal things to us that will help and benefit us, but will do so only when we are able to comprehend and understand it.
I just love the scriptures. They are such a great strength in life, not only as a missionary.
So fam, I hope you are all well. Share your testimony with people, be a good example, STUDY the scriptures, let the spirit teach you things, gain more knowledge and intelligence! I love the fact we are blessed with brains so we CAN learn more and more and more. What a shame it would be if there was a cap on how much we could know. But there isn't...and I know it's because we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and knows us individually and he wants us to become like him. He has enabled us to learn and to grow. I just love the simplicity and perfection of His design with all things. It just shows how much he truly does love us.
Speaking of love, I love you all and I hope you have a well good week!
Sister Kuhn xoxoxo

p.s I say 'innit' a lot and 'hiya' to eeeeveryone. It's habitual now. Oops :) it's also lovely and PERFECT weather here today. Blue sky, light breeze, it's t-shirt weather! Lovely! Life is good! Gotta be grateful for the little things :)

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