Monday, 24 March 2014

Another busy week in Leeds Mission....

Week 4, Transfer 7
Hiya you alriiiiiight? (Yorkshire accent - google it if you want)
Well fam, it's been a hectic week. Not sure where it's gone..but it was fun :) A lot of bike riding and driving actually!
On Monday the zone p-day went well. I educated everyone on how to do a proper Tim Tam Slam and I made them Vegemite the poor things. Some of them liked it, others didn't go near it haha bless them. Sister Scott and I went to the Mess at the army base with Brother MConnell AKA Gordon the Great and had tea there and then practice taught Gordon. He always tries to be hard investigators, but we don't find it hard, we love a challenge :) and we also love Gordon!
Tuesday we had a member visit and did some knocking and some finding and had tea at the Metcalf's house who are so so lovely. We had correlation at night and then rode on our BICYCLES aaall the way home which took 10 minutes as opposed to the 30 mins it would usually take walking :)
Wednesday was district meeting and then zone training meeting. President came for the district meeting and then he left because he had other district meetings to go to. He's a busy man! Then we tried by Russell AGAIN. We met him a few weeks back and he was keen but then we couldn't contact him for ages. We finally found him home and it was a miracle! He's 30, tattood, led a bit of a rough life I think..but he had the desire to change and become better, so he did, he believes in God, believes in marriage once and once only, believes in and loves his family. He is so prepared. He has his concerns but he has such a sincere desire to be better. We taught him outside in his garden because we didn't have a member with us and he knows we can't be alone with him. He's so respectful. We had a lesson completely led by the spirit. I don't even know what I said, but he got emotional at times and he needed a moment. He also said the closing prayer. It was one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard, asking God to forgive him of his sins etc. He is such a great example of humility. We are seeing him this week as well so we hope it will go well :) He also said he looked on the website and everything seemed familiar to him. BINGO! Then we had a member visit, tea at a members home, and saw Lisa George and her fam at night :)
Thursday..we had lunch at Elly Taylor's. She could obviously see we were burnt out and just exhausted (cycling in the wind is horrible)..and we had about half an hour left of the appointment, so she told us to go have a nap on her amazing big comfy couches, which we did..and it was what I needed. Especially because I had to drive to York later that day and it's about an hour away and I was just wasted with tiredness. It feels good to be tired though! Exhausted is a good feeling as a missionary :)  Then we drove to York and had an exchange with the York sisters which was good :)
Friday we got back from the exchange, the Oldroyds picked us up and got us some food and took us back to theirs so we could have a member visit with them. They are so nice!!!!!! Love them. Then Saturday we had weekly planning and the zone leaders came to watch which was nice. We have great zone leaders, seriously. We are all so harmonious :) It was a good day. Then we had tea with the Kitchin's - a part member family. Tanya's husband is great! Rob! He's warming up to us missionaries and the church, pretty rapidly by the looks of it, which is so good. That family is wonderful :) I can see them sealed in the temple one day :)
Sunday was gooooood. Hectic but good. We had a lesson with a guy called Chris. Tanya Kitchin came. He enjoys talking to us, and he has potential, and he invited us we'll see :)
Well, I gotta roll..but it's transfers next Monday so fingers crossed I'll be staying here in Beverley! My track record is being transferred or emergency transferred every 6 weeks haha..oh bless me..
Love you all, keep up the good work! Thank you all for your emails and letters too!
Love Sister Kuhn xxxxxxxx

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