Monday, 10 March 2014

We have bikes!

We finally got our bikes! We have sore bums :) but we will get fit and probably die but it's all good!  

Sister Pacis took this photo. She put it really high because she is really short.. Sister Tafangatoto and I at the flat during exchanges :)

This is what I have to deal with here..beautiful sunsets...even though it's freezing cold :) took this in a town called Market Weighton near Beverley.

Week 2, Transfer 7

This will be a quick blog, nothing CRAY CRAY to report, just bits and bobs :)

Highlight of the week was probably getting 1 new investigator called Andy. He is a funny lad. Shy and intelligent..but funny in his own little way (I laugh anyway lol). We had a member called Gordon come with us. They got along really well despite the age difference (not that that means anything lol)

We had an exchange with my old comp Sister Pacis and Sister Tafangatoto my girl from Tongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I was with Sister T and we cruised around Beverley being bomb missionaries talking to errbody and whatnot. The weather is lovely as well. I am just so happy about it! Spring is coming! Winter wasn't even that bad! The exchange went fantastical. Sister T said it was the best exchange she's had on her mission (she's been out abooout 12 months now). She said Sister Scott and I are relaxed but hard working and we are ourselves all the time. So that was really nice. It made us feel good :) and like we were actually fulfilling our calling and helping the sisters. We have such amazing sisters in this mission! They are the best examples to me. I learn more on exchanges that they do I think!

We had mission leadership council this week as well. We drove with the Zone Leaders. It's like an hour and a half to the chapel where we have the council every month, but it's nice to sit down and it's also nice to become more unified with our leaders. We have great zone leaders. One from Utah Elder Hillyard (I forgot how to spell his name) and one from Spain Elder Trassiera (can't spell his name either). They are fantasssstic! The counsel was so good - it's with all the zone leaders, sister trainer leaders, AP's, and President and Sister Pilkington. We have an agenda and we discuss things and concerns and questions and issues etc. The spirit of the meeting was so lovely. Different from last time. I hope all our meetings can have the humble and loving spirit (as) in that meeting. It really felt like we were gathered together to HELP and to inspire and uplift and encourage everyone.

Anywayyyyy, I must be off! I have emails to reply to! I thought everyone would have forgotten about me by now but I keep getting emails so I guess that's not the case haha Thanks for all the support and prayers and love and emails and letters and EVERYTHING. You are all so amazing. I just love you all!

Sister Kuhn

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