Monday, 3 March 2014

Making friends in Beverley.

Week 1, Transfer 7

Not sure where February has gone but it's gone. This last week was AMAZING. Not for any huge particular reason, but miracles are just happening all over the joint!

First, the people we met last week:
Gary Morrison - we were coming back from an exchange with the Sisters in Louth and it was Friday night. We saw this guy fixing his side mirror (it was obvious someone side swiped him). We said hi and then ended up chatting for about 20 mins. He had so many crazy stories. He moved to Vietnam and travelled to places near there for a solid few months, He trained in martial arts with this group of people who train in the forest. He just went around Asia training in all sorts of martial arts and then he studied to be a Buddhist monk and he loved it…and he met his wife in Vietnam as well. He has tattoos all down his arm, shaved head, but you wouldn't find a nicer guy. Probs in his 40s or 50s. The most impressive thing he said though was mid-conversation. He stopped and said 'Salt Lake City. That..that is my favourite place in the whole world. I would move there tomorrow if I could… anywhere else and I'd have to think about it.' We were like WOW! He loved his time he spent there with his wife. Everyone was so lovely and he saw the Tabernacle Choir and LOVED it. He is just sold on Salt Lake City haha he also offered to fix one of our bikes because that's what he does as a hobby sort of thing and he's really good at it. So we made a new friend, his favourite place is Salt Lake City, he's the nicest guy and he's always offering to help. Amazing! So we'll see him a bit more I hope :) He's not interested YET about the church and things but we just want to be a friend at the moment. It's all in the Lord's time :)

Zoe Laing - she is amazing! We met her over a week ago. Saw her on Saturday. She says she's athiest. She's about 17, such a lovely person, seriously, so nice. We got a member, Tanya, to come with us to the lesson. She's a young Mum with kids and they got along really well. They connected perfectly and I know that's exactly what Zoe needed. We taught the first lesson which was sort of all over the place because she had a lot of questions but we love questions so it was great :) She also said her first prayer at the end!!!! It was so powerful! We invited her to be baptized and she said if God tells her this is right then she would. She will need a bit of time I think but the seed has been planted and she has a desire to figure it all out :) We love Zoe!!!!

Ruthy - oh Ruthy...she is just an amazing human being. She is a friend of a member Ellie Taylor. She's never let missionaries in before but at an activity that Ellie invited her to Sister Scott and Sister Shmidt talked to her and she said to come around. She's not interested AT ALL in the church for now, but we just fellowship her and bake with her and make things (because she is SUPER talented at everything). She's like mid-30's I think. We love spending time with her. We're going to her house next P-day to make things and bake.

Update on the bike situation: we have 1 bike! Gary is fixing the tyre FOR FREE and then we're trading it with one of the elder's bikes because the one we got is a man's mountain bike. Skirt…man's mountain bike..yeeeaahh..not gunna happen. So yup! We're picking up the other bike from another set of members on Friday and we are buying helmets and locks and stuff today and BADABOOM we will have bikes! Yeewwww!!

We're working with 2 less active families at the moment. I don't like calling less-activies "less-actives". Anyway, the Ashmore family, Ann (the Mum) and Millie and Sam are her 2 kids. They are an amazing family!!!!! After the lesson we shared with them last week, Ann said 'I really enjoyed this lesson!' She's so kind and genuine and a really good Mum. She just doesn't think that of herself. I just love the Ashmore family! They all have such great qualities and although they may lack a bit of confidence at the moment, Sister Scott and I can see it growing the more we see them and set them challenges.

The other family we're working with is Lisa George and her 2 kids Rhys and Amelia..and boy do I love that family as well! Lisa is like SO talented at re-doing furniture and selling it, she has an eye for bargains as well. Her house is decked out with amazing things from garage sales and all sorts. Love it. Apparently Sister Scott and Sister Shmidt were never were invited in when they went to see her a bunch of times last transfer. I called her when I first got here, she said she'd call us when she was free. Then we saw them outside doing the garden and spoke to her briefly. Then one night just randomly, like a week ago, we went by and she opened the door and we said hi and things and she was like 'Are you going to come in?' We like were YEAHH BUDDYYY!!!! I love Lisa..she's super genuine and always ALWAYS is offering to help even though she has a lot of things to deal with herself. She is a great example to me. She shared personal things about why she stopped coming and things but we don't push her on anything. We're merely there to get to know and to love and uplift her and her family. She then invited us around again for yesterday night. She fed us curry and everything! We ate, laughed, played charades, talked..and half way through she says 'you know, I was just thinking..Paul (her partner who lives in London) is coming up in 2 weeks..and he thinks all you do is come here to preach and things. I'd love for him to meet you and get him to see you're just normal, fun, people..who are thousands of miles (well, I am lol) away from their families..." We were like haha ohhhh man..we would LOVE to come over when Paul is here! We just love that family and we look forward to knowing Paul better. He believes in God but doesn't know anything about the church so automatically he's not interested. But just being a friend and getting to know each other is great too!

We had Zone conference as well this week. I think I'll copy and paste what I wrote to President..well, bits of what I wrote. Last week on Monday I had a very powerful spiritual experience concerning prayer, and then at zone conference, everything I learnt and heard just supported and testified of my experience. I LOVED zone conference. It was fantastic! President (made) a comment that I loved. He said 'I'm not going back to Egypt!' He related it to the children of Israel and how the Lord delivered them SO many times..but when times got tough, they wanted to go back to being enslaved and things..they forgot about the miracles and everything the Lord had done for them. He also talked about how this church doesn't go backwards. It only knows how to move forwards, because it is Christ's church. I wrote down these notes in my letter to him last week:

What stuck out to me
• There is opposition in all things, we need to expect (and be ready for) the dark to come where there is light
• Keep refining our finding approaches
• We need to continue to march north (President always says that lol)
• It was great how (he) spoke about Moses in relation to light and dark (opposition/Satan), and the children of Israel (forgetting the miracles and lacking faith), and Elijah and his experiences and then related it to us as missionaries, missionary work and even individually
• We can achieve great things if we have faith and work hard
• We need to be exactly obedient
• Remember the miracles we've witnessed, especially on a day to day basis, because they happen, and we need to be mindful of them. Remember the help we receive from our Heavenly Father.
• Don't limit ourselves- we can reach the goal of 501 baptisms
• I'm not going back to Egypt either!

On the beach at Mablethorpe 

We went on exchange to Louth as well with the sisters there, Sister Staheli and Sister Scott (not my companion, a different Sister Scott..from Arizona lol) We loved the exchange. We went to a town by the beach! I took some photos briefly of the coast of England! Lots of miracles, spoke to loads of people. The sisters there are doing so well. They're the only sisters in their zone and the only ones in their area as well. They're guns!

We went to a place called Market Weighton in our area..saw these footpritnts everywhere..apparently the tallest man in the world lived there..and this is how big his foot was.  Big fella!

Ummm..yeah that's about all I can remember at the moment. My study at the moment has also been supporting my experience last Monday. It's been amazing! We shouldn't wait to call on the Lord. He is ALWAYS there and waiting with his arm outstretched to help us. I made the mistake of not calling upon him when I needed him and I just kept feeling (the way) I did…and then when I finally did heed to the promptings of the spirit and prayed for help, I got it, in a very powerful way. Prayer is POWERFUL. Never forget that!

Love you all, have a great week! Summer is coming here in England! Wooooo!!!!!!

Sister Kuhn xxxx

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