Monday, 17 March 2014

Members Ministering, Living Library, Draining Training and John's Baptism!!

Week 3, Transfer 7

I am so so so drained. Riding bikes every day doesn't really help. A quick run down of the week…which, let's be real, probably won't be quick at all..
Monday - P-day! It was fab. We had a boring day, emailed, shopping, wrote letters. It was great! We wish we had time to sleep but P-days go by so quickly it's ridiculous. Especially because we have to cycle (ha! now we can cycle. BLESSINGS!) everywhere. Walking was taking WAY too long. Monday night, our member visit got cancelled so we went by the potentials we have in our area. We went by Adam, he wasn't home but as we were knocking these 2 guys walked by. Now, it's a dead end street, and we were towards the end at Adam's door (remember that small detail). As the guys walked past us, one of them muttered 'Bible bashers'.. and so I turned around and told him 'It's Book of Mormon bashers actually mate', Sister Scott then says 'Yeah if you're going to insult us, at least get it right'. They thought that was quite funny (they looked pretty young), they had a bit of a laugh. They were walking past Adam's by now and after we made our funny little comments they stopped and were like 'Is he not in?' and I said 'Who? Adam? If you're waiting for someone here, why'd you walk straight past the door? Coz we're here init?' They thought we were proper funny, so they came to chat with us. The one who made the failed attempt to make fun of us went inside, but his mate was interested in talking to us, so we chatted for about 15 minutes. Then Adam got home, we got a return appointment with him for the Sunday after, and his mate James said he would come to church. Lol. It was a funny situation. p.s James didn't end up coming to church. He doesn't even have a mobile. He works on a farm and doesn't see the use for technology like phones or computers lol the simple life. I think he would've been very cheeky when he was a little lad. But we'll no doubt see him again :) Anyway, we tried by a few other potentials and had some good chats :)

Tuesday - Did some service, saw a recent convert named Julie, had tea at a members house, knocked doors, talked to people..standard day. Always fun though :)

Wednesday - District meeting in Hull and then went to Bishop Burton College (for kids 16 and up basically who want to learn a trade or something either to work or go to uni…sort of like TAFE in South Australia). We were invited to do something called Living Library where students will ask you questions and you can chat to them etc. Wednesday was a bit slow because some of the classes couldn't go when they were scheduled to, but we got free lunch and stuff so it was good :) There were some people from other religions too. It was well interesting. We had a good time. Then we had a member visit, painted our nails haha so great.

Thursday/Friday - Had the living library thing on again in the morning on Thursday. It was SO busy that day. Hectic. We were like chatting away to groups of up to 10 every 5-10 minutes. We made a positive impact :) A lot of them took cards and pamphlets and they looked at The Book of Mormon and things. It was faaaantastic! Good fun. I've always wanted to go into a school and do something like that so it was a dream come true for me haha Then we went and saw Tracy, one of our investigators who is amazing. Had a good lesson with her. Then we went to Harrogate for exchange. Now. Due to the delicateness (is that even a word?) of the situation, I can't say a whole lot. But Sister Edgington has hit struggle town with the sister she is training at the moment. She's only been out 3 weeks and is (having) some Sister Scott and I went to give some support and assess the situation especially for President as well because he is well aware of the situation. It was DRAINING in every day possible. Emotional, physical, mental...just..bleghhhh. :) So we had that. Sister Edgington is handling like a PRO though, she is amazing. She is doing (everything right) and is just being 100% solid and amazing and I just love her and am so proud of how she is coping with the situation. It is grinding her down a little bit, but luckily she lives with 2 other sisters as well. They have been a huge strength. We call her or she calls us about every day. Hopefully it will all be alright :)

Saturday - We do our weekly planning on Saturdays because we are on exchange on the Friday and we sit in on other sisters’ weekly plannings. Then we went to Hornsea to see a recent convert called Andrew with Brother Drane who is lovely and takes us places :) Hornsea is by the sea, which we were able to drive by on the way home. It was nice :) We then did some service for Elly Taylor who is the most amazing and strongest woman ever. She is such a great example. She's had a lot happen in her life but she is still always smiling and she is just gorgeous and amazing. Then we had tea at the Roberts and their 2 crazy girls. Haha it was good. Theeeeeeen we went and saw Andy with Brother McConnel again like the week before. Andy was super tired because he works a lot but it was a solid lesson.

Sunday - Church. It was great, I love Sundays!!! Visited an elderly sister in the ward. She's so sweet :) Sister Fewster - Bishop's Mum :) Then we saw Adam (the guy from the Monday story lol). We took Brother Kenny Richardson with us. It was inspired because he was able to connect with Adam on a level that he could really understand and he worded things so well. It was a great lesson. Adam has had missionaries in the past come to him and talk with him for ages but now I think he has the desire to want to know if it's true or not. He said he'll read the Book of Mormon and might come to church. He has a lot of potential. He's young and intelligent and just a good bloke I think. He'd be a fantastic member of the church! In the evening we went and saw the Blakestons - 2 of the older people in the ward, husband and wife, they are so lovely :) They are having some hard times but they are so strong and sweet.

So that was my week in a nutshell! Thanks for coming. Until next week! PS. Today for P-day it's zone p-day and we're having an international p-day..I'm taking the TimTams you sent me Mum and vegemite and we're going to do TimTam slams !

Love you all! I wish I had more time to get into detail about my testimony and spiritual experiences and things, but I just have no time ever! But my testimony has grown SO much and my relationship with my Heavenly Father is growing every day, along with my sensitivity to the Holy Ghost. The Godhead are good friends of mine :)

Oh and pps JOHN EVANS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He's receiving the priesthood next week. Highlight of my mission :) So happy for him!!!!!! (He's grown a manly beard as well haha)

Love you byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee xoxxoxo

‪Sister Kuhn

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