Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Week 2, Transfer 8

Sorry I haven't written a blog in a while everyone! I've been sick or Sister Zurcher hasn't been feeling well so there just hasn't been a lot happening. BUT...we had a pretty solid week! Happy Easter first of all!!!! Hope you all got fat on chocolate :) 

We spent Easter Sunday at the Turner's from America, which is funny because I've spent all my holidays with them since I've been on my mission. 4th of July, Christmas, Easter. I'm glad though because Starr (the Mum) is a great cook! She bought us Easter eggs which was nice of her :) I was craving mini eggs for ages and she bought me some! INSPIRED. 

Sister Zurcher and I are speaking this Sunday. Too bad you all can't be there for it!..................Haha. It was weird. While I was sick, one of the days I just started thinking of a sacrament talk and pretty much making one  up in my mind. The next day, we get a call and Sister Zurcher is given a 20 minute talk in sacrament, on the exact topic that I was making a talk up on in my head. I told her we could split the time if she wants and I could talk too (don't know why I did that now haha) so we asked if it was ok and now we're both talking :) It's amazing because we went (to see) a lady we sang to at Christmas time when I was here and all of us missionaries went caroling one night together. We sang to a lady called Joan who had a really sick husband at the time and he told us he was basically on his death bed. Sister Edgington and I went by a few weeks later but no luck and then we both got transferred out of Leeds. Now I'm back, and Sister Zurcher and Sister Wynder went by Joan’s a lot but no answer. We went by again on Sunday night and she was in! We stood in her kitchen and spoke to her for about half an hour. The spirit was so strong. I've never felt Heavenly Father's love for someone so strong as I did with Joan. She had a lot of questions (about) why bad things happen to good people and she expressed a lot of grief and pain to us about how she felt. Her husband sadly passed away from cancer in January, soon after Christmas. She is so much stronger than she thinks. We just feel such an overwhelming amount of love for her. She said she might come to church this Sunday out of curiosity. The topic we're speaking on is basically all for Joan, so I hope she does come. She will be able to feel the spirit and rekindle her belief in her Savior and in Heavenly Father and how much they love her. So that's Joan :) 

We went on exchange with Sister Hall and Sister Hooker in Wharf Valley (not sure how to actually spell the area but that's my guess). It was a good exchange. The sisters in this mission are just trying so hard and doing their very best with what they can do despite all the trials and afflictions and things they have to deal with here or at home. I just admire them so much. A lot of them have hard things they're dealing with, but they solider on. It's an extremely humbling experience being able to serve them. I just love all these sisters!!!!

On Wednesday we saw Frank. FRAAAAAAAAAANK!!!!! I love Frank. He's Susan C's non-member husband. You may or may not remember me talking about him ages ago. The good news is he didn't swear as much when we went there last week. We went to see Susan and to uplift and strengthen her, because she is amazing :) Frank always sits in and tries to have an opinion (which usually (is) a bunch of swearing)..but he didn't do much of that this time. We had a really good lesson actually. So that's good :) We'll focus more on Susan than on Frank like we used to…maybe that will settle him a bit more. (Mum, that Haigh's bear you sent me ages and ages ago…I named him for Frank) I told Frank how I named my bear after him, he seemed to like that haha that man hahah

We saw the Rojas' on Wed night. They're from Chile I think? They're teaching us Spanish and we're teaching Brother Rojas English :) His English is getting really good! His wife studies English here, she's doing her masters. They'd be in their late 50's maybe? All their family is back in Chile. Bro and Sis Rojas are such good people! Love them :) 

There were a bunch of funny things that happened this week...but they'll have to wait until next week because I didn't write them down to remember them! 
Anyway fam, I hope you're all doing well, had a great Easter, enjoyed conference and are enjoying life!

Love, Sister Kuhn x

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