Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Some great experiences here in Darlo!

Week 4, Transfer 10
Well well well, we meet again. I don't want this blog to get mundane, even though sometimes it does feel that way. So I'll keep it quick and short this time because I am just EXHAUSTED. 
The weather is nice. Summer time. Lovely. 

What I've learnt this past week: 
English people like to complain no matter what the weather is haha We were talking to someone the other day and they made a comment at how unbearably HOT it was that day, like it was completely out of the ordinary, so we asked if it ever gets that hot in the summer and they were like 'Umm yes it does quite a bit'. So I was thinking 'What are you complaining about then?!' I had a good old laugh. Haha I love these people. They're all just a barrel of jollies and giggles, even when they aren't trying to be haha To be fair, it does get quite hot here sometimes (strange, I know because it's 'England') but then after a scorcher of a day, it can pour down the next day. Never gets old!

So we started INSANITY at church every Thursday for investigators and members. We did it on Wednesday last week but Thursday from now on. Danny and Jeneill (both investigators) came. Danielle has had contact with the church for years. She loves it. She brought her mate Jen to Insanity and a YSA called Leona came too. It was so fun. Hard, but fun :) We talked for about 45 minutes and showed them the chapel and things. They organized to go to church this last Sunday and they came, and they LOVED it! Sunday school was about Eternal Marriage - Jen said to Danny that she wants to be baptized and sealed in the temple. We were like YEAH!!! They both have a bit of a crazy childhood etc but they've been mates since they were toddlers. We're making finding FUN and we're also getting in some extra exercise. I call that 'smart finding' :) 
So yep, they are just wonderful and great and crazy and we love them LOADS. 

We saw our Fijian family last week too. Virginia, the Mum, she is so humble and amazing. She's a Seventh Day Adventist as a lot of Fijians are. She is so honest and faithful. She told us that she listened to the Elders when they first knocked on her door, even though she had a religion, she thought 'these are men of God, maybe they have a message for me that I need to hear...maybe there's something I'm not doing', so she let them in. And that's what happened with us too. She's open to learning and knowing more. We see her once a week or so. 

What else...
Everything just mushes into one big BLOB. 
I've been having some great experiences here in Darlo though. This area has loads of potential. We just need to try harder to unlock it. It'll take time, but time is what we have, so we're going to get stuck in! 

We have a mission tour tomorrow. Elder Dykes of the Area Presidency is coming to speak to us. President calls us last week and asks us to coordinate a musical item with 2 elders/2 sisters. So Sister Zurcher and I and 2 other elders are singing in front of half the mission tomorrow. 
It's gon be GREAT!...Because the spirit will be there and hopefully that's all they'll hear AND feel haha nah it'll be alright. It's only in front of half the mission...
What else, oh and then we have MLC (another meeting) and Elder Dykes will be present at that as well. It's a meeting we have once a month with all the STL's, President and Sis Pilkington and the ZL's. It should be goooood. Then next week is transfers. Boom! Transfer 10 - see ya later!

I'm LOVING hearing about all the people in Adelaide going on missions. LOVING IT! I won't mind having 0.01 friends when I get back if they're all on missions haha what a great example they are! 
Peace and love everybody. SHARE THE GOSPEL, invite people to activities and church! JUST DO ITTTTTT.

xoxoxoxxoxo Sister Kuhn

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