Monday, 1 September 2014

Running Club and Roman Ruins

So, funny story, last week we went to a park in Darlington that we haven't had a chance to go the whole time we've been here. It's called Skerne Park. Now, if you know anything about Darlo, Skerne Park isn't the MOST desirable place to live. So we weren't that bothered going into the actual recreational park itself. Nevertheless, we did. And luck we did because it was beautiful! We frolicked around and chatted to random people and soaked up the sun like lizards. A notice board with a piece of paper on it caught Sister Zurcher's eye. It was an advertisment for a running club every week. She's a runner you see, so this sort of thing sticks out like a sore thumb to her. We decide to try it. You need to think out of the box when it comes to finding ladies and gentlemen! Especially towards the end of your mission, 'same old same old' just doesn't do it for you. So we met up with this running club and went for a run. There were about 8 of us, different ages but we were the youngest by quite a bit :) Everyone was so friendly and kind and welcoming. So off we went, for an hour run (Dad you would be so proud!) If anyone knows me, they'll know I'm not a huge fan of running. I need to be tricked into my cardio! Hence why I've done boxing and Insanity workouts and circuits and Crossfit and skipping etc. keeps it interesting for me! Running, however, has never interested me. Nonetheless, I went on this run (mostly for Sister Zurcher, because she's a runner and has done a half marathon and she's just got runner's blood). It was actually really nice. Who'd a thought?! We met this lovely lady called Geraldine from Ireland, she's Catholic. Haha oh man..she's so funny. Really kind hearted and gentle lady. We had a right old chat. She offered to take us to see this Roman fort not too far away and a castle as well that she'd never even heard about in the 14 years she's lived in Darlo! (That explains the pictures - because she actually took us to see it all! What a babe!). We also had a good chat to the team leader. And because we wore our badges, it was so easy to strike up a conversation about the church…and we never had to bring it up first! Love when that happens :) We also talked to this older, but quite fit, lady! She lost her husband a few months ago so we had a little chat about that. It's amazing the people Heavenly Father puts in your paths. Who knows if we'll have any immediate success with these people, but we're planting seeds, reaching out and extending support to people who need it. 

So that was our funny little miracle for the week! Running clubs for finding…because all you do is talk for an hour while you run anyway! Genius! AND we don't have to be fat either! What a master plan! 

That explains how we met Geraldine. So the photos are of the fort (which was super cool) and the castle - also very nice and luxurious. The Romans were so advanced, did you know back then they had tweezers?? Tweezers?!?!  AND, their bath houses were so legit, they'd spend HOURS in them every day. They had it all figured out.

In other news, Martin (recently baptised) had his interview with the bishop about the priesthood on Sunday - he's receiving the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday! Which will be great because I'll be here! I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm leaving at the end of this transfer, which ends in about a week and a half. So it'll be really nice to see him get the priesthood in case I do leave :) So exciting!!!!!!! If you're reading this Martin, you better be as excited as I am!!!!! Haha proud of you buddy!

We also had 2 wonderful ladies come to church who haven't been in awhile. It was SO good seeing them there. They are so Christ-like and humble and kind and we need more like them in the world. 

That's all from me. I'm sure other things happened but it's all gone over my head at the moment! Plus, Sister Zurcher and I are off to see Durham Cathedral today (the joys of being Sister Trainer Leaders..being able to go outside of our area/zone to whatever zones we go on exchange to without needing permission..what a blessing!) I've heard Durham Cathedral is the bomb diggity too so I'm dead excited about that. 

Thank you for all your prayers and love and support and letters and emails. You know I love you!

Sister Kuhn x

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