Monday, 15 September 2014

Love the sisters!!!

Ello there!
I don't have much time! South Shields is lovely, we're by the beach, yay! I have 3 minutes so I have to go but if you could put on the blog that I'll reply to everyone's emails next week or something.
It's been hectic here though. Teaching and finding etc. The last sisters left us a legacy which was nice :) Lots of things to do! I'll tell you more about investigators and people later. The members are solid too!

My new comp/daughter is called Sister Ahola, she is from Finland (and very proud of it too!) She's got lovely long hair and speaks the 2nd most difficult language to learn in the world :)

There are some pics below of transfer meeting with some sisters, some going home, some still here. Love em all!  

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