Monday, 6 October 2014

Geordie language alert

Hello everyone! Yes, I'm alive. I know it's been a week or 2 or 3 since me last blog (Geordie language alert) but I've landed back on my feet from the whirlwind I found myself in the past 2 weeks training and being in a new area and I'm ready to get back to writing fantastic tales about South Shields! ​
First item of business, I now speak with a thick Geordie accent. I call boys 'lads' and instead of using 'my' everything is 'me'...instead of YES it's 'aye' or 'why aye man' if it's a HECK YES, 'no worries' has turned into 'no bother', 'goodbye' is 'turrah!', and 'good' is now 'canny'.
Geordie Land <3
Ok I was just kidding......sort of......not really. I don't have the thick accent but the vocabulary here is rubbing off on us! Oh that's another thing, instead of 'me' it's 'us' but you're still only talking about yourself. I forget if some of these words are words we use anyway..I've basically just lost all sense of reality and am so busy here that I forget what life is like not being a missionary in South Shields. Oh well :) Anyway so the vocab is a lot different to...  well, everywhere else. I imagine it's a lot like the Darwin/Northern Territory slang that the rest of Australia doesn't ever use, but here the accent is on a whole different level as well. I love it though it's mad fun trying to understand and then copy their accent.
Secondly, the photos are of the beach that we live close to, we ran there last week in the morning, it was LOVELYYY. We will be spending time at the beach today also relaxing :) and the night time picture is our balcony (Halelujah!). It's prettyyyy gangsta ay. 

We also visited these lovely members on Saturday, and they have THE BIGGEST DOG OF MY LIFE. AMERICAN BULLDOG. He's deaf and even though he has blue eyes he's not blind as well luckily. He's 14 stone! Which is about 89kg for all the people who don't know what a stone is. HUGE. A big softie though, I like him :) we're good mates now. I think his name is Bronson, but he's deaf anyway so it doesn't matter to him. He knows sign language and that's how they tell him to sit or lie down etc. It was so cool watching them communicate with him. He's more obedient than dogs who can hear!!

Another photo has 2 parts - the one of Salt Lake temple (front and back). We were walking to an appointment and Sister Ahola saw a Lexus (her Dad likes Lexus cars) and so she got the pass along card out and we wrote that on it and put it on the windshield haha it was crack up. The poor bloke probably thought he had a ticket!

I could write for ages about this area and the people etc. But I'll just skim over bits and pieces. The elders had a baptism on Friday, Sister Ahola and I sang at it, 2 of our investigators came, John and Abbie. Abbie is 13, she's mates with a recent convert called Talyia who is also 13 and she is a BOSS of a missionary. Always referring her friends to the missionaries and all sorts. Basically, everyone in this ward and everyone we teach are super great. We're always laughing with someone about something up here in the Great North!
I don't have long to go now. Time is a tickin!
I've learnt a lot of life lessons through this experience. Not only has it strengthened my testimony immensely, it has taught me so many things about the general wants and desires of people in the world (which is to be happy). It's taught me to pace myself, take a day at a time if I need to, and just press forward like it says in the scriptures...with a perfect brightness of hope and a love of God. I feel a bit like a wise old owl coming to the end of my mission. A wise old owl with so so so much more to learn lol ah well, for me, right now, this is the most important thing I could be doing, so I'm going to do my best at it!
Love you all, thanks for the support. Forever grateful. Seriously!
Peace x
Sister Kuhn

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