Monday, 27 October 2014

We are in a trio for my last transfer!

Week 6, Transfer 12
It's now Monday - first day of my last transfer. Weird feeling.
On the upside, we had transfer calls on Thursday last week and transfer day on Saturday (a one-time thing the MTC had to do). We are in a trio! Sister Salcedo from Barcelona, Spain (originally from Peru) has joined us after 1 transfer serving in Hull and she was being trained down in Huddersfield by Sister Decker before that. Sister Salcedo…man, she is a fireball! She's 25 years YOUNG, confident, mature, hilarious, fun, loving, kind, crazy (just like us) and not afraid to be herself. We all clicked super fast and we're excited to work hard this transfer. We are squished in a tiny flat meant for 2 missionaries but it's ok because I'm getting kicked out in 5 or so weeks anyway.
We had Stake Conference on the weekend and it was fantastic! Sunderland Stake has such an inspired Stake President, President Spencer. The whole Presidency are just amazing! There were no topics assigned to the speakers on purpose so that it was truly inspired and coming from the hearts of every speaker. It was a testimony builder to listen to the speakers as they gave talks they felt inspired to give. They were all of such great quality, the spirit was so strong. We also had a less-active lady called Julie we'd never met come with another member who lived close by to her. She just felt like she should come to Stake Conference after years of being away from church. She's probably one of the nicest sweetest women you will ever meet. We're seeing her today :) 
Brother Kennington, the Stake Patriach, gave a wonderful talk. I liked one thing he said especially:
'Life isn't about waiting for the rain and the storms to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain'. I thought that was really cute :) and a good message too!
I know I'm jumping around the days of the week but that's my brain for you! So on Friday the Elders' investigator Rachel got BAPTISED!!!!!!!!!!! It was so good :) We're really happy for her. Also, Ashleigh's Mum Mary came to the baptism (and Saturday session of conference). After the baptism we met with Mary and had a quick lesson with her. We haven't been able to see her for a few weeks because she caught an illness. We asked her how her Book of Mormon reading was going and she said at first, it was just a book, she'd look at the cover from time to time, never really read any of it and never felt anything...but then she decided to read it, because she had to be at home all the time, and she said she just felt it all clicked together, it all made sense. We scheduled her for baptism on the 14th of November in the same lesson. She has been embraced by the people in this ward and she has never felt so much sincere and genuine love and concern from people about her well-being etc. Love really does change people. Love is the most powerful feeling in the world. It comes from God. It's such a blessing to be able to witness the miracle of Mary. Now, we know that Satan is hard at work, and with basically ALL our super solid and amazing investigators he's won with them for the time being. In the last week or 2 we've basically stopped teaching most of our investigators, but it's okay. I've been a missionary long enough that it doesn't (and never really has) bothered me that people choose to not accept the gospel right now. I know that Heavenly Father has the power and capacity to change people's hearts, and I've seen that happen many times, but when it doesn't happen, and someone doesn't decide to partake of this everlasting goodness of the gospel, it's just simply meant to be that way. I (like to) remember that, when these sort of things happen. I don't have a problem with disappointment now…and if I do get disappointed, it's not for long.
The blessing of the gospel isn't just about church and helping us get closer to God (however that’s basically its primary purpose), but when we live the gospel and essentially get closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, we are blessed in so many more ways in our lives, whether it be in work, school, university, family, friends, talents and abilities etc. It just enhances your whole being, your whole life, everything!
I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I can't deny that...and I only know it because I've put in the time and effort to find out. That's the simple reason. If we're willing to put in the time and effort and ACT in faith, we will be blessed with so much more than we are asking or searching for. I've seen and experienced that kind of 'conversion' many many times. I have a testimony that Christ lives, He is real, He loves and knows each of us by name. How cool is that?!
Keep it real, study your scriptures, pray sincerely, attend church, apply what you learn as you do all 3 of those things with a willing heart, and you will find happiness. You just will! It's a promise :)
Until next week!
Laaaaaaave you byeSister Kuhn  xoxoxox
P.S Shoutout to the best sister in the WORLD who sent me a WHOLE BOX full of timtams to share with the kind people of England...if they make it that far. Ha! THANK YOU. Much appreciated. It will keep me awake for the next 5 weeks :) 

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