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God Will ALWAYS Make A Way

Week 4, Transfer 9

God Will ALWAYS Make A Way

The heading of this blog is really special to me and I have a strong testimony of it. I'll explain it a little bit later. So this last week, the only words I can think to describe it would be HECTIC. Absolutely hectic. That start of last week seems so long ago. We had 1 exchange with Sister Schmidt and Sister Morris. Sister Schmidt came here with me. We had loads of fun together. We taught Lee and Alice, visited less-actives, had correlation on Tuesday night, visited with members. We did a lot. Then on Wednesday we swapped back over before both of our District meetings. On Thursday we went on another exchange to Huddersfield. (One of) the sisters who usually go on exchange there is having health problems, so they asked us if we could go on exchange with Sister Hedstrom and Sister Wiborny. It was all good fun :) Sister Wiborny is from Germany. She is like a German Buddha. So patient, kind, powerful, sweet, and loving. She is quite shy and so is Sister Hedstrom,  so they're pretty much the most gentle and cute companionship ever. While we were on that exchange we got a call from a sister missionary needing help, so we had to take about 20 minutes to talk to both her and her companion and tried to give them support and help. 


On Saturday we saw Rachel (recent convert) and helped her with her talk for Stake Conference that weekend. We had Stake Conference (Sat session) on Saturday night. It was so so good. The First Presidency asked if the theme for the Sat eve session to be on Hastening The Work of Salvation through prayer, faith and the help of individuals, families, and friends. Last stake conference was also on Hastening The Work of Salvation. It was so powerful. Sister Decker spoke (future General Relief Society President. Seriously) and Elder Amundsen, one of the APs spoke too. They represented all the full-time missionaries fantastically! 

Sunday session of stake conference was also powerful. They had a variety of speakers and topics. Although I LOVED Sunday session and it was great and I felt the spirit strongly and took loads of notes, my highlight was probably this:

The SIMCOCK'S!!!!!!!!!!!! I also saw President and Sister Slater (Branch President of Skipton branch). President Slater hugged me haha bless him. Also, Naomi Simcock is getting married!!!! I am just SO excited. I may or may not have cried when she told me...

Before or even on your mission, you don't realize fully the connection and the love that you will have for people. I was lucky and able to be reunited with one of my most favourite mission families and I realised how much I love them! And then I realised how much Heavenly Father loves them and loves all his children. It's powerful to experience a love like that for people that a year ago you could pass on the street and not even notice them. So I love this family. That's official. And I'm SO happy for Naomi!!!! It was a GREAT day for me :) I do miss Skipton on days like that!

I also was able to see Patsy and her sister Maggie who both came to Stake Conference. They're adorable :) Patsy is still Patsy and Maggie is still Maggie and I love them both!

So yep! Then Sunday evening we went and saw Aaron. Aaron is a champion. We LOVE teaching him. He is the happiest person you will ever meet. The lesson was so so powerful. We just let the spirit guide it and it went so smoothly and great.

I've been able to REALLY give the reins to the Lord at this point in my mission. I can speak clearly and simply and I say things that are inspired, but it's not me. It's 100% not me. It's the Holy Ghost. I know that. And I am SO grateful to be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands in that way. Seriously. The gratitude for the spirit and for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ I've felt this week has been immense. It's crazy. I just love it!

I have grown a lot it feels like in the last week. It's kind of weird actually. But this week I can actually mark my progress. First time my whole mission. Alma 26:12 though, always. 

So, before I go I want to explain the title of this blog. Sister Zurcher shared this section of a talk by President Hinckley and it's stuck with me and I love it.

"What marvelous things happen when men walk with faith in obedience to that which is required of them! I recently read the interesting story of Commander William Robert Anderson, the naval officer who took the submarine Nautilis beneath the polar ice from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, a daring and dangerous feat. It recounted a number of other exploits of similar danger. It concluded with a statement that he carried in his wallet a tattered card that had on it these words, which I commend to you:

I believe I am always divinely guided.
I believe I will always take the right road.
I believe God will always make a way where there is no way.

I too believe that God will always make a way where there is no way. I believe that if we will walk in obedience to the commandments of God, if we will follow the counsel of the priesthood, he will open a way even where there appears to be no way."

I thirdly believe that God will ALWAYS always always make a way where this is none. I've seen it with this whole mega baptism event on Thursday. Sister Zurcher and I, 3 or 4 weeks ago, were doing weekly planning, and we had Tango and Aaron as investigators, we decided to go ahead a few weeks until this week and put in goals for 2 people baptized and confirmed. Tango ended up not meeting with us anymore, and Aaron has a pretty major concern and who knows how long it will be until or if he ever gets baptized. BUT, we got that referral for Lee and Alice and their 5 kids. We scheduled Alice and Kera for baptism for this week. Lee still is trying to quit smoking. We will reach the goals we set weeks ago. We didn't know what was going to happen, we just set them in faith, and a miracle happened.

That's what happens when you set goals in faith and do your best. Heavenly Father won't hold back his help, ever. He loves us. Why would he? That's my thought for the day :) He will always make a way where there is no way. I testify to you all of that you guyyysssss.

Keep it real! Thank you to everyone who reads this blog as well. Appreciate the prayers and love and support! All of us missionaries out here definitely need it!

Love you all. 

Sister Kuhn xxxxxx


I HIT MY YEAR MARK ON THE 6TH OF JUNE!!!! We were on exchange and the sisters surprised me as I got out of the bathroom with balloons and sticky notes. It was sosososossosososo cute. 

Happy year mark to me!

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