Monday, 23 June 2014

Our area is booming with potential!

Week 6, Transfer 9

This morning there was a car alarm that was SO loud and obnoxious and just plain rude outside for like an just kept on and on and on. IT DID NOT STOP. So, during our prayer on the way out to catch the bus to email, we prayed that the car alarm would stop, because it was hard to even think. As soon as we prayed for it to stop, it stopped, so we were like 'oh thank you!' and continued with the prayer.

That's how our week has been.

I've felt the need to visit less-actives I've never met before, so whatever area we're in for an investigator or tea with a member, we always have at least 1 or 2 LA's we can go by and visit. After a tea appointment on Friday Sister Staheli and I went to visit a less-active. She wasn't there. But on our way there we met a retired Chinese couple. Hai Yun (the wife) smiled at us across the road, so we went and said hello. She was SO happy and excited to talk to us. Like, we were almost in tears laughing at how funny she is. She is just hilarious. She wanted to take a picture with us as well. She told us that Elders met her years ago and gave her a Chinese Book of Mormon and she reads it every day. She LOVED talking to us...if only everyone was that excited to talk to us haha we met her the next day and brought Jane, a Chinese recent convert with us. She was a huge help. Hai Yun believes in God and first went to a church with her friend when she moved her 15 years ago or so. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she believes it to be true. We also gave her another Chinese Book of Mormon because the one she has is quite old and actually a bit different (and thinner) than the ones we have now. We got her a ride to church for Sunday yesterday. She came. She loved it. There was a munch n mingle afterwards and she stayed for like 2 hours talking to everyone and laughing and joking around. She just really enjoyed herself. It was so good to see the members embrace her and love her. We asked her on Saturday if she came to know this was true if she would be baptized and she said 'maybe'. She is very 'with it' and intellectually sound. She's pretty sharp! She has been visited by the Jehovah Witnesses but I don't know if they come anymore. She loved church, loves meeting with us, loves reading The Book of Mormon. Miracle!

The next day we go for another tea appointment in a fairly dodgy area. We're in the area an hour early and we knock a street close to the member's home. We knock, and knock, and knock. Some people answer, have a few short conversations, no immediate success. We walk down the steps from yet another door and head up the street again. We ask a lady across the road what the name of the street we were on is called and she tells us, so we say thank you and smile at her. She then asks if we're Jehovah Witness. We walk across the street to her and explain who we are and what we do. She smiles and says 'please, please,.. come to my home' and points up the street. She tells us she's from Ethiopia, she was brought up in the Pentecostal church, she wants to learn English and read the Bible with us. We talk with her and we say a prayer as well. She was crying. I'm not sure if it was the spirit or she just likes to pray. I don't feel like I said anything exceptional in the prayer (and we all held hands because that's how she prays apparently), but she really loved us visiting. We're seeing her tonight and we're going to introduce the Book of Mormon to her. She lives with about 4 other people so there's potentials everywhere!!

THEN, as we were walking up to the member's door for our tea appointment, I had to make a phone call, so we waited outside while I was on the phone. These 3 young lads from next door come outside and one of them asks 'Are you Mormon?'. We were thinking it was yet another cheeky young guy on the street trying to be funny and we were ready for whatever immature comment they usually make..I got off the phone and we talked to them for a while. The lad who asked us if we were Mormon is the son of a member from Leeds 1. He said he's been a few times. He's not baptized and he seemed keen to learn more and come to church more. One of his friends lives next door to the member we were visiting, he's from Ethiopia, very intelligent as well. We asked the member Susan about them and she says his Mum is a really nice we might go by their house as well. All this took place in Chapeltown. which can a pretty sketchy area at night, so we won't go when it's dark, but it's booming with potential at the moment. While we were waiting at the bus stop afterwards, a lady crossed the street, she's from Chile, she was very interested in the church, we gave her a Book of Mormon and we may meet with her again.

Lee and Alice are still doing well. We scheduled them for the 12 of July. Lee just has to stop smoking and it'll be good to go. They love the church and they really want to be baptized together. 

We also saw Sam (Susan M, a recent convert's son's friend). We're teaching him this Thursday which is SO good. We think he'll progress really fast if he stops hanging around the people who influence him to do silly things. Fingers' crossed.

So everything's pretty good. So tired. Exhausted. Can't remember what else happened. But it was all good. I finished the Book of Mormon for the 2nd time on my mish and I've started Jesus The Christ again for the second time on my mission. I'm also half way through studying The Doctrines of the Gospel manual (I think that's what it's called?? I dunno, but it's GREAT.)

Sister Kuhn

THE MAN Elder Saolatoga  (I hope I got his name right). He's from Brisbane. His Mum sent him 2 Aussie flags so he asked if I wanted one, I was like heck yes son I want one! AUSSIE PRIDE 

These were all taken on transfer day last Wednesday.
2 last pictures with THE ZURCH. Soooooo cute 

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