Tuesday, 3 June 2014

"This week was...a blessing."

Week 3, Transfer 9

Everyone, let me just start this off by saying how no matter what we do or don't do, the Lord's work WILL go on, so you may as well get on board, enjoy the ride (and the blessings) of being obedient and faithful :) 

This week was...a blessing. A tender, tender mercy of the Lord. Honestly. I don't have a whole lot of time, but in short:

We saw Kate (the Chinese girl we met when we did the POWER HOUR of finding last Monday) with Maria (Maria is, for lack of a better explanation, a dry Mormon..she hasn't been baptised yet but she was introduced to the church ironically while she was doing study abroad in China by some friends from uni over there who were members of the church. She came back to Leeds where she's studying at uni and comes to church every Sunday, she knows it's true, her testimony is so powerful, she knows more than a lot of recent converts do! She's from Essex and she is absolutely amazing. Family is extremely important to her so she wants to make sure her family understand and are accepting of her being baptised before she goes ahead with it. She will hopefully be getting baptised end of June or start of July. Her parents are from China and she knows Mandarin so she comes with us to see all the Chinese investigators we have. She's seriously...ahhh...so so so great. The heavens will be rejoicing the day she's baptised!) Aaaaand that's the Maria Ma Biography haha so she and Jane (a recent Chinese convert from the end of last year).....(and I said this was going to be short..haha what a joke) we talked to Kate about God and about prayer and Maria shared her story with her about how she found the church and her experience and her testimony and it was just such a great lesson. She also came to church on Sunday and she seemed to really enjoy it. 

Lee + Alice plus their five kids Kera, Natalie, Logan, Bella and Mercy all came as well. The ward just enveloped them with love and support. This is what it's about, helping others with love and kindness along their way in their progression back to Heavenly Father. We got them rides to and from church. The members in Leeds 1 are FAB! Such a blessing. I can't thank them enough for their support with this family. Kera and Alice will be getting baptised on the 12th of June at the huge baptismal fireside. Lee will follow them in a few weeks :) such a miracle. This family are wonderful. We love them a lot.

What else...honestly not that much. We had a great week. Busy, but great. We see Lee and Alice every night at 8pm so we can teach them with Kera while the others are in bed. The kids have so much energy man it's crazy. At church on Sunday I felt like a mother! I was sitting next to Natalie and then Kate was next to me on the other side, she was sitting next to little Logan and then Kera and then Sister Zurcher and then Alice with Bella and Mercy and Lee sat 2 rows behind because there was no more room! Natalie is the most hyper kid out of all of them,. but she was SO good at church. We bought them colouring books and crayons and after sacrament they just coloured the whole time. Natalie also wanted her own Book of Mormon, so I gave her mine to have and wrote her name in it. She was well chuffed! They all loved their primary classes as well. That's how it's meant to be. Families, coming into the gospel, partaking of those saving ordinances, making covenants with Heavenly Father and then going onto the temple together, as a family. That's our goal for them. I would do anything for this family. 

Other than that, it's hectic, it's busy, it's crazy, but I'm happy, Sister Zurcher's happy, the weather can do whatever it wants, rain, hail or shine, we're happy. We're blessed. 

This week, well, starting today, we have an exchange with Sister Schmidt and Sister Morris. I'm staying in Leeds with Sister Schmidt and Sister Zurcher is heading to Keighley. We'll meet back up at district meeting on Wednesday. Then on Thursday we have Mission Leadership Council, and then after that we're dropping the ZL's back to Leeds, taking the car and going up to Huddersfield for ANOTHER exchange until Friday. One of the STL's who usually go on exchange with Huddersfield are having health problems so they can't go. And Stake Conference this Saturday night and Sunday. We need to find rides for 342809812903812 people. All the Chinese people, investigators, and Lee and Alice's family. Joy! And then the week after on the Thursday is the Baptismal Fireside. So we need to make sure everyone who's getting baptised is ready and prepared and everything's sorted. 

Juggling act! 

Love you all. Keep up the great work! Don't forget to take time to chill!

xxxxx Sister Kuhn

Out with Tracy once again! Off to see Lee and Alice last night :)  
​On a scale of 1-100 my frumpy scale in this picture is 4000..and it's the day everyone decides to take a District picture + Elder Olaussen (one of the Zone Leaders).  

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