Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Kera's Baptism

Too much has happened this week. I think I'll just make it quick and short...like a band aid.

Kera got baptised! It was a very successful evening :) We had a good turnout as well. 60 or so people which is really great for baptismal services. We had 4 people scheduled to be baptised on that night but only 2 made it. There's missionary work for you!

Short story about the baptism:
It was Thursday 12th June. The baptism was at 7pm. We were having tea at Sarah Boycott's who lives super close to the chapel and we get a call at 5.45pm from our ward mission leader asking if we're filling up the font, "Ummmmmmm nope?". He then proceeds to tell us that it takes 2 hours to fill up the font. The clock was already against us. We call the Elders, they drive as quick as they can to the chapel. We then rush to the chapel. We get there and all four elders are frantically filling up buckets and bowls and anything they can find to fill the font up with. You need a key to open the font tap to turn it on and none of us had one. Our ward mission leader was on his way. We didn't have time to lose. We ran to the kitchen, I found a massive punch bowl, started filling. Sister Zurcher picked up a bin, I knew what she was thinking, we took the bin bag out of it, washed it out thoroughly, and started filling it with warm water. It was like being on the crew deck of The Black Pearl or something. We were running around like crazy people. Elder Olsen, one of the Zone Leader's, was almost dying of stress. He is the funniest person when he's stressed or tired. We could put him on a stage when he's either or both of those 2 things and charge people to come and be entertained. So anyway, after a WHILE, Yanos, our ward mission leader came, opening the font tap, turned on the boiler and it started filling. It was a miracle that it was full in time for the baptism. The whole time I just kept saying 'Well, it'll make for a good story!'. That's basically been my motto my whole mission.
That's that story...

 We went with Lee and Alice and their kids for Kera's birthday picnic. Her birthday was on Friday and they had a picnic on Saturday. It was really lovely :) Love that family!
 So, transfers: Sister Zurcher is being transferred up north to Darlington. Geordie land here she comes! I've really really REALLY loved serving with her. We've worked out that my missionary sister Sister Wynder (she had the same trainer/mother as me and also served with Sister Zurcher) is Sister Zurcher's twin sister, and I'm sister Zurcher's younger sister. Considering we're both the youngest in our families I thought she would love to have a younger sisters. We are like peas in a pod. If we add Sister Wynder to the mix it's just one happy little family! I'm really going to miss her. Lucky I get to see her at mission leadership council :) I will be getting Sister Staheli as a companion. I was able to go on exchange with her while I was serving over down in Hull as an STL. Sister Edgington was in the MTC with her and they got along super well. No doubt she will be excited! :) Sister Staheli is becoming a new Sister Trainer Leader :) she is a FANTASTIC missionary. I'll tell you more about her next week :)We had Laurence Mputu come on a mini mission with us this last weekend. I made her a badge from my badge. It was the most ghetto form of identification you will ever find, but she loved it. She came to District Meeting with us as well. Her testimony, WOW, so powerful. She will be SUCH a great missionary :) She will come on a few more mini missions with us as well. We're recruiting all the young ysa girls in the ward for mini missions and getting them all on missions! Haha

It's a short one today everyone. I'm so tired. Exhausted.

Love you
Sister Kuhn    xxxxxx

District Meeting

Elder Berrio and us - he always does the 'Awkward Book of Mormon Distance'. 
That's what I've called it and that's what it's going to be known as forever.

​I know this says 'HIT MAN' but I always read it as 'HIT NAN' and it just makes it 100000 times more funny.
This is a graffiti wall on a short cut we go through that goes past Carnegie Stadium which is the rugby homegrounds for Leeds Rhinos that a member of the ward plays for. How's that for an explanation! 

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